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Updated by Samantha Murray Greenaway for Mailonline: Eastern Summer Time 03:19, March 2, 2009, I\'m always happy to see a new season fashion show, and I know I can pull it.
In this case, I think I can do it blindfolded.
I like big earrings.
Maybe it was because they reminded me of my teenage years when my simple style was formulaized into big earrings and everything. (
Remember, this is the 1980s.
Cut out something dazzling, thick and long, preferably Butler\'s and Wilson\'s, which is considered fashionable height. )
Perhaps it\'s because my favorite fashion image has firmly imprinted them on photos: imagine Kate Moss in black and white, she\'s in a mess. -up, sun-
A pair of huge diamond earrings swayed over her earlobes, waving striped hair.
Oh, carefree charm!
Should you wear shoulder protectors when you are 30?
Absolutely: Personality jewelry looks best(
Not to mention the truth - you may really be able to afford it.
Wear clothes with confidence and maturity.
Angelina Jolie\'s Red at the Oscar-
The look of the carpet hung on the size of the huge emerald hanging from her ears.
Think about those incredible things. (50+)
Angelica Houston or the best(60 +)
Diane von Furstenberg - Neither woman is shy of shaking a few chandeliers from their earlobes.
This is the miracle of fashion.
Catwalk can throw many curve balls. (
Is there anybody in the back pants? )
But it can also provide a nugget, giving every woman a chance to fight, even in real life.
When it comes to big earrings, bodies, wrinkles, hell, even children, don\'t think about it.
When it comes to the new big earrings, the only negative factor I can think of is the drooping old earlobes.
That\'s why I never pierced my ears. (
When you want to go without jewelry, there are two fleshy little stings left. .
Gravity and years of abuse of earrings have had a strange effect on perforated ears.
No matter how old you are, do yourself a favor: Choose a clip. -ons.
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