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2022 Joacii Family Annual Tour--Passionate Yangjiang Hailing Island

2022 Joacii Family Annual Tour--Passionate Yangjiang Hailing Island


In July, it is the day when Joacii team travels once a year. Although the summer is hot, it is a good time to go out and cool down. The destination this time is to go to Hailing Island, the top ten most beautiful islands in China, to taste local specialties; in the evening, enjoy the seaside barbecue and bonfire party, and enjoy the enthusiasm of the coastal city;

On the 7.9th, we gathered at the bottom of the company building at 8:30 in the morning, and arrived at Hailing Island after a three-and-a-half-hour drive. Passing through the hometown of Guan Shanyue, the representative of the Lingnan School of Painting in Pinggang Buchang, Baisha Town, the birthplace of Yellow Mane Goose in China, listening to the old man's journey of becoming a talent. Passing through the only land route to the island, the Hailing Embankment has a total length of about 4593 meters.


We arrived at about 11:30, and after arriving at Zhapo, we had a special seafood lunch~

After a short rest after dinner, we can't wait to start a cool journey - to the Ice and Snow World Scenic Spot. Experience Ice and Fire in Bighorn Bay! Here, we see magical and dreamy ice sculptures, beautiful and romantic snow. 


14:00 Check in at Loyal Hotel

 16:00 Proceed to POPO BEACH Camp Pink Beach to take pictures and check in, and enjoy afternoon tea at a leisurely pace.


18:00 Go to Big Horn Bay to enjoy Barbecue Dinner and start preparing for the beach barbecue. There are fat chicken legs, tender chicken wings, vigorous beef balls, as well as ham, eggplant, green peppers, etc. The barbecue materials are readily available. What are you waiting for, let's "self-reliance" and feed your stomach. ! ... Share delicious food with friends at this romantic seaside, while chatting, admiring the boundless sea view, and savoring this rare leisure. Sit back and enjoy a BBQ meal and experience the endless fun of doing it yourself, watching yourself roast your delicious chicken thighs, wings, and other tempting treats.


19:30 Afterwards, the Beach Bonfire Party will be held on the beach of Dajiao Bay. The sea breeze conveys elegant charm, and the island city is filled with joy; the mountains are full of love, the water is full of smiles, and the scenery on the island is very charming; the breeze is blowing, the moon is high, and the enthusiasm is burning today. Today we Meet on this beautiful island, let us burn our enthusiasm in this roaring bonfire, and let joy and singing dance with the flames!


09:00 Sleep until you wake up naturally, after breakfast, the hotel is free for activities; you can check in at the various Internet celebrity check-in points in Beiluo Secret Realm Hotel;

11:30 Assemble for check-out and then have lunch.

13:30 Assemble to return to the warm home! End of a pleasant trip.


It was a full and tiring day when I got home at 8pm. Relaxed, although a little tired, but full of harvest. With this short charging, the next steps will be more powerful and practical!

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