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How to get my jewelry designs manufactured?

How to get my jewelry designs manufactured?


① Find good manufacturers for jewelry

If you are a jewelry designer or you sell jewelry, when you need to mass produce jewelry, it is a good choice to find overseas jewelry manufacturers because they have good production technology and cheap prices. Especially in some cities famous for jewelry making (such as Guangdong, Panyu, China, the core area of the gold and jewelry industry cluster), you have a lot of choices, and you will not miss the opportunity because of information asymmetry. So what should be paid attention to when choosing an overseas factory?


1. It is necessary to know all the costs as much as possible, including tariffs, sample production costs, mold costs, whether there are works protection fees and other possible costs.

2. Communication: Due to language and time difference, it is necessary to check whether you can communicate smoothly and timely. Only good communication can ensure that the jewelry produced is satisfied.

3. Production time: the time required for sample production and mass production to ensure that you will not miss the peak season due to order delays.

② Production process

Take the custom process of Joacii Jewelry for your reference

1. You send us jewelry specific. We make the rough jewelry price and mold charge for you.

2. You pay the order for sample and mold. After that, we make CAD drawings and send you to confirm.

3. Mold is send to you before sampling.

4. After confirming then we start to make sample.

5. Sample confirm, mass production.

sterling silver huggie hoop earrings manufacturer

③ Joacii Jewelry Name Custom Jewelry Case

Material: 925 sterling silver

Color:18K gold plating

Before custom: font filed confirm, working price, confirming the production, working the payment invoice. 

1) CAD design, we will send the CAD drawings to our customers to confirm the size and detail, if you have any size or details want to change then we will change. After confirm then start to make sample.

2) Personal name customization is after the CAD drawing is confirmed, the wax molding is started, and the wax molding is directly produced after injection. Then start to make silver material producing. Gold plating.

3) The product finished.


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