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How to tell if a chain necklace is strong?

How to tell if a chain necklace is strong?


Chain necklace is one of popular jewelry products. It can wear as single or match with different pendant designs, something like religion pendant, trendy jewelry pendant etc. And there are many types of chain necklaces. Like Figaro chain, Tennis chain, Rope chain, Curb chain, Snake chain, and Cuban chain etc. 

Then how to tell if a chain necklace is strong?


1. Observe whether the rings of each chain, especially the thinner chain, are well soldered. If yes, then the whole chain could be stronger, and it will not be broken down once there is a strong power pulling the chain in suddenly.

2. See if the chain is smooth and not twisting when it is hanging. 

925 silver chain necklace

3. Good quality plating, the chain with real gold plating and high quality polishing. Then the finished chain could be more brightness and smoothly. The design looks like fine jewelry quality.

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