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Joacii Family 2020-Huizhou Shuangyue Bay Tourism

Joacii Family 2020-Huizhou Shuangyue Bay Tourism


At the end of June, the weather had already started to heat up, and the annual company tour arrived as scheduled. In order to give this early summer a cool journey, this time we chose Shuangyue Bay with sea and beach. The two-day trip is full of expectations.

On June 20, 2020, we departed from Guangzhou to Huizhou Shuangyue Bay early in the morning. Arrive at Shuangyue Bay 4 hours later. At this time, the local tour guide received us at noon. After the sumptuous lunch, we will start our first stop on this tour and go snorkeling on the opposite island!

Blue sea and blue sky, we are accompanied by seagulls! We are greeted by challenges and new discoveries that have never been done. Mankind always likes to be accompanied by water. Not only is it cool in the water, everyone is having fun like a child. Wild sea urchins can also be found when snorkeling into the water. After snorkeling on the island for 2 hours, it was exactly in the evening, just to be able to enjoy the sunset on the beach. Isn't it beautiful?

After a short break, our dinner time begins. The arrangement of dinner is a good partner for the party-barbecue. In the process of barbecue, we also played games, singing competitions, relay competitions. We spent a pleasant day in its joy and laughter.

On the last day's itinerary, climb along the coastline, watch turtles and go fishing. In this beautiful ocean, there are a variety of sea creatures. Only when the sea is clean and the environment is comfortable can they grow and reproduce.

Although the integrity of the hot summer, it can't resist the passion of the Joacii family. Even if you sweat a lot, you are happy! The last trip is to go fishing. As the saying goes, relying on mountains to eat mountains and seas to eat seas, people living in coastal areas are self-reliant. Most of them go to sea to fishing to earning a living. Seafood is also a local feature. To go fishing in the sea depends on the weather. Sometimes there are unexpected gains, sometimes nothing is caught, and you need to wait patiently. The wider the net, the more you catch.

There is no gain for nothing in the world, only through the sweat to get the harvest, in our efforts, we have obtained a sumptuous lunch. With the full harvest, we will return to the hotel to enjoy our rich lunch. It is better to act and continue to use our hard work to get more gains!

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