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What is 585, 750, 999 mean on a gold ring?

What is 585, 750, 999 mean on a gold ring?


1. 585 Gold

585 means 14 karat gold, which is produced from 58.3 per cent pure gold and a 41.7 per cent mixture of other metals like copper, zinc, silver and nickel. With only 14 parts of gold out of 24, it’s usually less expensive than other higher karats of gold. The presence of a higher amount of alloyed metals makes 14K gold more resistant to wear and tear. And as it is harder and more durable, it is ideal for making daily-wear jewellery, especially for an active lifestyle. It is also less likely to cause any skin allergies.


2. 750 Gold

750 means 18 karat gold comprises 75 per cent pure gold mixed with 25 per cent of other metals like copper or silver, etc. Highly suitable for making studded and diamond jewellery, 18k gold is less expensive as compared to 24K and 22K. This type of gold has a rich yellow tone with a slightly dull shade that makes it absolutely desirable for exquisite gold and diamond jewellery pieces.

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3. 999 Gold

999 means 24k gold, it is said to be 99.9 per cent pure in the market and has a distinct bright yellow colour. As it is the purest form of gold, it is naturally more expensive than other types.


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