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Winter Hiking 18KM Cross Nine Bridge of Pearl River

Winter Hiking 18KM Cross Nine Bridge of Pearl River


Have you seen the night view of the Pearl River? Yes, most of us enjoyed it. Have you hiked 18KM across the Pearl River Nine Bridge? We did! In this sunny Saturday afternoon (2019.11.30), Joacii family joined the challenge of the 18KM hiking.

Joacii Family

From Chebeinan to Shamian park, there are nine bridges on both sides of the river. And the river is 18 kilometers long, connecting the most beautiful night scenes in Guangzhou. The Pearl River has good environment and ecology. With the landmarks that internet celebrities mark along the coast, it's beauty has now reached new heights.

Pearl River

In the name of hiking, accepting the challenge, we walk through the streets and alleys, and enjoy the lively atmosphere of Guangzhou night. We started the journey at 4:30 pm and arrived at the destination at 10:30pm. The 7-hour trip was expected, but in the end we only spent 6 hours. In addition to check in at the set 4 points, we enjoyed the scenery and landmarks along the Pearl River, such as Liede Bridge, National Sun Yat-sen University, Pearl River TV Tower (Xiaoman Waist) and Pazhou Pavilion, etc. The beautiful scenery along the way makes people unknowingly dilute fatigue. Led by Micheal's spirit of "never give up until cross the river", the team walked through the whole process. 

challenge of 18Km hiking

Hiking is not only a physical test, but also a spiritual baptism and a will exercise. As long as we persist in the style of not giving up and overcoming obstacles, we will eventually get better and better.

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