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2021 Year-end Summary Meeting

2021 Year-end Summary Meeting


Time flies, and the New Year's bell of 2022 is about to ring. In order to summarize the experience in 2021 and carry out the work in 2022, Joacii Jewelry held a year-end summary meeting on December 23, 2021.


All employees of Joacii held a year-end summary meeting in the Panyu marketing meeting room.The theme of the conference is to summarize the work performance in 2021 and plan the work to be carried out in 2022.


All personnel are asked to prepare their own manuscripts. The work statement should be controlled within 10 minutes. At the end of the report, set three goals for themselves to be completed by 2022.


The first part of the meeting was the speech by the personnel department. During this year, the number of employees gradually increased, and the team of Joacii Jewelry continued to grow. The company's personnel structure has been continuously improved.


Next came the business department's speech. The manager Joe first summarized the business department and then set his own goals. Next, each salesperson spoke individually, summarizing the specific situation in 2021 and the goal for 2022.


The third part is the operation department speaking with the art department. Operations colleagues analyzed the data for 2021 and set a target number of inquiries for 2022. The art department summarized the gains of 2021 and achieved a leap from quantity to quality in the level of photography. He also set his own goals.


Next are the colleagues in Xiamen. They also summed up the year 2021 very well, and there are contributions and gains.


In the end, the boss concluded the meeting. Hopes are also raised for every employee. Hope the company gets better and better.


After the meeting, all employees participated in the KTV activities organized by the company. Everyone showed their voices and ended the 2021 summary meeting in a pleasant play.

Hope everyone can achieve their goals in 2022.

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