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Winter Jewelry Matching Guide

Winter Jewelry Matching Guide


The weather gradually became cold during this period, and Lesser Snow became a sign of the beginning of the cold. Winter is here, and girls who love beauty will wrap themselves up tightly. But ladies, do you want beauty? Can you give up your beloved jewelry for demeanor? The answer is, of course, no. The editor here will give tips to the little fairies~


The winter world is based on black, white, and gray, and color is particularly important when matching winter jewelry. The choice of jewelry can be biased towards warm colors and rich colors. Use warm color jewelry to warm the gray winter. It can also make you the brightest star in the cold wave army. For example, white gold, diamonds, rose gold, gems...the color is bright, wearing in the most conspicuous places, such as ears, fingers, etc., is both dazzling and generous, and it looks very good!


1. Earrings

Everyone is wrapped up like rice dumplings in the cold wind. As one of the few remaining skin-exposed areas, the ears must be put to good use. A suitable earring can not only modify the face shape, but also add beautiful colors to the match. Hoops are good choices.


2. Necklace

The winter jewelry close-fitting belt is not only cool, but the thick clothes also hide the beauty of the jewelry. It's better to just put it on the sweater, with the sweater under and the jewelry on top. Avoid direct contact with the skin to increase comfort. Sweater chain are good choices.


Necklaces and earrings, it is okay to exaggerate, as long as it is not a simple repetition. For example, metallic texture, bright red, and string of pearls, all of which can directly enhance the unique brilliance that belongs to you in the tightly wrapped winter.


3. Brooch

Most of the colors of winter clothes are relatively single, and the brooch rescue routines are even for boys. Don't you use it quickly? Brooch is one of the commonly used decorations in modern society. Pin it on the placket to show the beautiful figure or status of the user. Generally, Western ladies will choose a brooch to decorate their dresses when attending formal occasions.


3. Bracelets, watches, etc.

Of course, you can also choose some watches and bracelets to match and decorate, which is a more common method. Nowadays, there are more and more ways to match jewelry, from hats, scarves, belts and even shoes. But I want to say that no matter how you match it, you must pay attention to the details.



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