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How to wear a layered necklace?

How to wear a layered necklace?


Do you like the style of the layered necklaces?

Do you know how to wear a layered necklace?

Are you worried that you don’t know how to match a layered necklace?

If you encounter these questions, don’t worry because we have tips to help you get started and upgrade your skill for matching layered necklace.

 layered choker necklace

Layered necklaces can take your daily wear to a new level and become a must-have accessory for fashion. Let's find some very cool and creative ways to wear your layering necklaces. Stacking up your necklaces to create unique designs and combinations them.


1. Sample is the best

Match some very simple designs with different sizes together, this chic minimalist look consists of a very simple and delicate designs that are combined together to give you a new trendy layered necklaces.

Find out your simple necklace and try to match your unique layered necklace design!

 trendy layered necklaces

2.  Keep up with the trend boldly

Wear a popular chain with an coin necklace for an on-trend look while showing off your neck with an off the shoulder shirt. Then you can get a fashion multiple chain necklace.

 multiple chain necklace

3. Personalize your unique layered necklace 

Don’t be afraid to stack up your pretty necklaces with different chain necklace, a personalized look that will surely attract attention. Whether you like sample designs or bold fashion, you can play with stackable necklaces without hesitation. This layering trend provides you with amazing flexibility.

 stackable necklaces

4. Change your designs according to the weather.

Autumn is coming, match your sweater with some different layered necklaces. In the changing seasons, what better way to make your outfits more interesting and fashionable than a stack of beautiful layered necklaces? Try to combine warm and relaxed knitted sweaters or cardigans with delicate pendant necklaces of different lengths.


One of the many reasons we like this layered necklace is the opportunity for personal expression and creation. In addition, by wearing multiple pieces in a variety of combinations, you can reuse all your jewelry items to create your own special jewelry, allowing you to keep up with the trend. 


Take out your jewelry and start stacking and matching with us!


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