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Joacii Team Travelling in 2021

Joacii Team Travelling in 2021


Time flies, half of 2021 has passed quietly, and it has come to the annual company group outing. The travel time was chosen on the last day of July and the first day of August, which is the legendary Leo. The destination this time is Tianlushan Hot Spring Resort in Yunfu City, Guangdong Province. Yes, in this hot summer, we are going to a hot spring resort that is cool and can be bathed!

Everyone gathered and set off early on the morning of July 31, surrounded by wind and mountains along the way. Although the mountain roads are curved, the scenery is pleasant.

After about 2 hours' drive, we arrived at Tianlu Mountain. After a short rest, there were natural farmhouse delicacies waiting for us. After the meal, accompanied by a brief thunderstorm, everyone eagerly went out after the rain stopped. The air on the mountain is so fresh that people can't help but take a few more deep breaths. The young friends are always full of enthusiasm, various entertainment projects have appeared one after another, and the team building competition started immediately.

1. For the first time for the female team to challenge the Wuyou Valley adventure plank, it needs a lot of strength and balance control, otherwise you will fall into the net, and if you fail, you will need to start again. This challenge does not require any equipment. What's great is that our girls have successfully completed the challenge.

2. The aerial trapeze is a high-altitude challenge project. It is a good choice for people who like to challenge high-altitude projects, but it is not so good for people who are afraid of heights. Some people in our team challenged this project and said it was cool.

3. It is also a high-altitude project, but a slightly elegant one is the cloud glass bridge. The total length of the glass bridge is 500 meters and the altitude is 1000 meters. This is a project for pretty girls.

4. The coolest thing in summer must be the water sports. Some of Joacii's friends also choose the water glass slide.

Tianlu Mountain also has a naturally formed river. The developers have developed a drifting channel. During the drifting process, there will be different slopes and different feelings of weightlessness at different stages. Partners who like to stimulate challenging sports can participate.

After a series of fierce and challenging sports, night falls, and the most distinctive feature of Tianlu Mountain is the natural hot springs. Hot springs are conducive to the health of the human body, and frequent hot springs can help dispel dampness and enhance physical fitness. You can take off the fatigue of the day and feel the comfort brought by the hot springs.

At night, in this quiet town, you can also enjoy different night scenes. Without the hustle and bustle of cars, you can walk quietly on the streets of the town and enjoy the starry sky.

The day's itinerary ended successfully, and it was so comfortable to wake up naturally the next day. The itinerary on the second day was relatively easy, to visit the tourist area of the hometown of the Liuzu. To listen to the story of the Liuzu, to feel the solemnity and tranquility of the temple.

After visiting the park, return to the warm home in Panyu to end the trip.

Although the itinerary was not long, we relaxed our mind and body. We are very grateful to the company for this travelling, and hope that the family members of the Joacii family will get better and better!

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