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In Stock Popular Pieces Recommended Series 1

In Stock Popular Pieces Recommended Series 1


In addition to providing OEM and custom services to large-scale online stores, we also provide stocks for many online stores. In order to let our customers know more conveniently and quickly which of our styles are hot and in stock, we start this topic about the recommended series of styles in stock, hoping to help our customers find their favorite products more conveniently and directly . If you are interested, remember to subscribe us~


The recommended pieces this week are basic silver ring bands. Throughout 2020, these minimalist jewelry seem to be more widely favored than complicated and delicate styles. And our sales of this type of style last year also confirmed this statement. Decorated with zircons, it is simple but delicate. It is comfortable, convenient, durable, suitable for any occasion and anyone. It can also be stacked with other rings to create rich effects. This is probably because people want to achieve incredible results through their own creations while pursuing freedom. Therefore, people are fond of them.

 minimalist jewelry

Of course, on the other hand, its popularity is also closely related to its price. After all, the price of inexpensive jewelry has an absolute influence. The price of such jewelry is reasonable and acceptable, and it can be exchanged for good quality, good craftsmanship and beautiful styles, who will not love it? 

Here, we recommend this kind of classic simple sterling silver band rings to you, and we believe they will still be able to occupy a place in the jewelry field in the coming year.

silver ring band women

1. The classic and popular zircon ring, it has been very popular in the past 2 years, you will not be unfamiliar. 4A grade zircon, each one has been laser engraved and pave set.

sterling silver band rings zircons

2. Three colors are available, with a diamond ring-like experience.

odm jewelry manufacturers

3. Worry about the size? choose the ring with your eyes closed! 

solid plain silver band ring

4. Plain silver band ring, simple, fashionable and beautiful.

thin silver band ring manufacturer

5. Thin silver band ring. It is all-match, suitable for all styles.

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