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The Most Common Ways of Setting Diamonds

The Most Common Ways of Setting Diamonds


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1. Prong Setting & Solitaire Setting

The most common and classic setting is the prong setting. This shape uses a small metal claw to hold the diamond tightly and fix the diamond on the ring. The claws can be rounded, pointed, flat or V-shaped (this is also the most common style used for princess diamonds). The most distinctive claw shape is four-claw or six-claw shape. Under the four-claw shape, you can see more diamonds, but the six-claw shape is safer. The advantage of this shape is that it uses the least amount of metal, so more diamonds can be seen, and more light can shine into the diamond, which makes the diamond more dazzling.

2. Bezel Setting

Bezel setting is the second most popular diamond ring shape. It not only has a modern appearance, but also very suitable for active people. It does not use its claws to hold the diamond, but uses a thin metal frame to tightly wrap the diamond inside. It can be a complete bezel or a part of bezel, and leave a part of the diamond outside. For nurses, teachers, or other people who want to look for a ring that will not catch anything but can fully protect the diamond, this kind of setting is the best choice.

3. Tension Setting

The tension setting is named because it relies on the tension of the metal itself to hold the diamond, and the result is that it looks like the diamond is suspended between the two metal handles of the ring. With the help of laser technology, the diamond is accurately calibrated, and then the jeweler cuts a tiny groove on the two handles of the ring, so the diamond or other precious stones are fixed by the pressure of the metal handle on the ring. Tension setting makes the diamond look like it is suspended, and it is also a very distinctive shape, and the manufacturing process is not too complicated and the cost is not high. The tension setting style setting also increases the safety of the diamond, because it uses prong setting or bezel setting to further strengthen the diamond around or at the bottom.

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4. Pave Setting

When a diamond is as small as 0.01 or 0.02 carats, it is pave set. The pave setting can highlight the main diamond more. If you want to add extra brilliance to the main diamond, or the main diamond is not shining enough, this setting method is also a good choice. It is need to mention that if the entire ring pave set with diamonds, it is difficult to change the size of the ring. We strongly recommend that when customizing the ring, be sure to determine the size of the ring, so there will be no problems after the ring is completed.

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