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Summer Holiday Jewelry Series

Summer Holiday Jewelry Series


It's the end of May, and the weather is already getting hot. Have some friends who are keen on summer already ready to move? Beaches, shells, waves, swimming pools, popsicles, bikinis, can't you wait?

During the holiday, accompanying my children to play on the beach. The flowing sea washes the beach. The children pick up seashells with natural textures. Creative designers sparkle and holiday jewelry is born! This is really a very interesting experiment and innovation. The name of this project is also named "Summer Holiday Jewelry".

Today, Joacii will recommend you these summer's most popular cool jewelry, let you stand out in the summer play, become the most shining one.


1. Shell rings, shell necklaces

Just like a child holding a shell, you also have a childlike innocence while wearing shell jewelry.


Shell rings
shell necklaces


2. Wave anklet, wave toe ring

The wave anklet is simple and has personality, not only can make you eye-catching on the beach, highlight your good-looking ankles, but also a good companion for summer sandals.



Wave anklet
wave toe ring

3. Simple toe ring

The sterling silver material and simple design make you comfortable to wear. It is even more versatile with sandals!

 toe ring

4. Leaf jewelry

The green zircon looks very vibrant in summer and is a perfect match for beach skirts.

Leaf jewelry

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