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What is the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry?

What is the difference between fashion jewelry and fine jewelry?


1.    Price

Price is the first point that many people care about. Fashion jewelry is relatively cheap, while fine jewelry is a lot more expensive.


2.    Material

The commonly used materials for fashion jewelry are copper, alloy, and silver. Therefore, its price will be cheaper. Silver jewelry in fashion jewelry, because its silver content is unknown (generally lower than the silver content of fine jewelry), it will also be cheaper than the average fine jewelry.

The silver jewelry of fine jewelry uses 92.5%-93.5% silver, which has higher silver purity and fewer impurities. The price will be more expensive. Gold jewelry are 100% K gold products.


3.    Plating

Both fashion jewelry and fine jewelry use gold plating. The difference between them is that the plating thickness of fashion jewelry is 0.03 micron, while the thickness of fine jewelry is 0.05-0.5 micron. The gold water used in fashion jewelry plating is ordinary gold water, and the gold content is not high, while the fine jewelry uses high-quality 100% real gold water.

Fashion jewelry is generally gold plated, and fine jewelry electroplating in addition to gold plating, there are other advanced electroplating methods such as gold vermeil, gold filed, etc. to ensure the brightness of the product, the friendliness of the skin and a longer color retention time.


4.    Craft

In the production and processing technology of fashion jewelry, machine work accounts for the majority, up to 70%, and handwork accounts for 30%. Fine jewelry is the opposite, with 70% of handwork and 30% of machines. This is the most important difference between fine and fashion jewelry.

It is worth mentioning that most of the processes of fashion jewelry and fine jewelry are the same, but compared to fine jewelry, most of the processes of fashion jewelry are produced by machines, and the accuracy of the machine is not enough, and the brightness of the jewelry will be biased. The production process of fine jewelry usually exceeds 20 processes, and most of the processes are the initial steps of machine production, and then manual production is added. The craftsmanship of the jewelry maker gives life and vitality to each fine jewelry, while fashion jewelry is more like a mass-produced product.


5.    Warranty

 Fashion Jewelry: 3-6 months warranty

 Fine Jewelry: 1-3 years warranty


In summary, we can see that except the price, fine jewelry is much better than fashion jewelry in terms of materials, plating methods, workmanship and quality assurance. If you are looking for style and not paying attention to workmanship, you can choose fashion jewelry, and if you pursue the style and quality fine jewelry is a good choice.


difference between fine jewelry and fashion jewelry

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