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What does 925 bee mean on a ring?

What does 925 bee mean on a ring?


In modern jewelry design, insects in the natural world have become an important design element, and they have also become people's elves. These various insect jewels are always admirable. Joacii’s bee rings are also popular among many people. Some people don’t know what the meaning of bee jewelry is, so what is the meaning of bee jewelry?

1. Diligence, wisdom, observance of order and rights of the emperor

Bees have always had a very positive image of diligence, wisdom, and observance of order in everyone's minds, but it is difficult to imagine that bees symbolize the rights of the emperor. In ancient Greek mythology, Melisius was regarded as the god of bees, and according to legend, Zeus After he was born, he was hunted down and hid by Rhea in a cave in Crete. Later, he was raised by the Melisius family with goat's milk and honey. The bee is regarded as a spiritual thing because of its strict social organization. It represents the will of the mass-level gods, so the god of bees is regarded as the god of public opinion.

bee jewelry

2.  Industrious, orderly and performing duties

It is said that the monarch wants his people to be like bees, not only industrious, but also orderly and performing their duties. Napoleon I was crazy about bees. There was a legend: in Napoleon's infancy, a bee landed on his lips. Some people say this heralded the advent of a great leader. Later, Napoleon really became the emperor, and he regarded bees as a symbol of France. He believed that bees could bring power, so his royal robe was embroidered with bees, and the scepter, throne, and emblem were also embellished with bees . The French jewelry brand Chaumet, as Napoleon's queen jeweler, has insisted on using bees as the brand's important inspiration and logo for more than two centuries.

3. Sweet, wise, and love

In addition, bees gather nectar, so little bees represent sweetness, and sending bee jewelry generally represents sweet love. Therefore, the implied meaning of the Joacii bee ring is sweet, wise, and love. If you love her, you might as well give her the Joacii 925 bee ring, which means that you will hold her in your hand and love will always be sweet. Such jewelry will definitely touch her heart.

We already have a certain understanding of the meaning of the bee ring. The Joacii’s 925 bee ring is not only beautiful, but also has a profound and sweet meaning. If you like it, you might as well choose one 925 bee ring or jewelry.

925 bee ring

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