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Meaning of Moonstone - Love without Borders, to be Pure and Perfect

Meaning of Moonstone - Love without Borders, to be Pure and Perfect


1. Moonstone Story: Romance, Peace and Sobriety

In Rome, people believed that the moonstone was formed by shining the moonlight on the stone, and the shadow of the god of the moon-Diana, can be seen from the moonstone. The Greeks regarded it as a symbol of Venus, the god of beauty and love.

In the Middle Ages, people believed that looking at the moonstone would make people fall asleep and predict the future from dreamsEven so far in some Arab countries, moonstones are often sewn into clothes as a symbol of wealth. In modern India, moonstones are considered sacred symbols, and because they are believed to give the wearer a beautiful fantasy at night, they are used as dream stones. In the legend of East India, the moonstone represents the symbol of the third eye and can purify spiritual understanding.

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From the end of the 19th century to the 20th century in Europe and America, especially during the Art Deco style, moonstone was very popular and was often used in the creation of jewelry by master goldsmiths.

In addition, because people believe that moonstone can evoke feelings and passions in people's hearts, moonstone is also called "lovers' stone". In some places, it is called "traveler's stone" because it is believed that the traveler can be protected at night. In some Asian countries, it is also used as a symbol of "no tears".

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2. Moonstone Meaning: Health, Wealth and Longevity

Moonstone is the birthstone of June, symbolizing health, wealth and longevity. It can help calm the irritable mood, enhance the feminine essence of women, help individuals fall asleep comfortably, and have the magical effect of beauty and beauty. Moonstone has soft, delicate energy, strong penetrability, and has the characteristics of melting and diffusion.

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