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What is Mother of Pearl?

What is Mother of Pearl?


Girls who like jewelry should have heard of mother of pearl, a very beautiful material, which is used in many luxury jewelry brands. So, what kind of material is mother of pearl? Let's get to know it together.


Mother of pearl is actually a pearl shell. The structure of mother-of-pearl is mainly a thin layer of calcium carbonate. The polished mother of pearl will show pearl luster and cloud effect. Therefore, white mother-of-pearl is often used as a dial and inlaid jewelry by some brands. And it should be noted that the hardness of mother of pearl is very low, so you should pay attention to prevent scratches in daily wear.


Mother of pearl jewelry is a large pearl pearl shell that is cut into a specific shape and inlaid into 18k jewelry. The mother of pearl will emit different color halos under different light sources and angles, adding some interest to the original elegant white, and it has also become a bright spot in the matching rules.


mother of pearl shell necklace
mother of pearl bracelet

How to maintain white mother of pearl jewelry?

1. Daily wear

Please make sure not to allow mother of pearl jewelry to come into contact with perfume, soap or chemical products and cosmetics, otherwise the color and natural appearance of the material may change. It is recommended to wear jewelry after perfume and cosmetics are dry. And don't wear mother of pearl jewelry when doing some activities (such as sports, gardening, etc.), because the jewelry may touch different objects or be hit.


2. Cleaning and storage

It is recommended to wipe the jewelry gently with a soft cloth. It should be stored separately from other jewelry to prevent the jewelry from being hit or scratched. Because white other of pearl is a natural soft substance, it prevents small scratches on its surface.

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