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What's malachite good for?

What's malachite good for?


Malachite is an ancient jade material, named after its color resembling the green spots on peacock feathers. At present, it is mainly produced in Zambia, Australia, Namibia, Russia and other places. Malachite is one of the oldest healing stones. The Egyptians mined malachite at the Suez and Sinai mines 4000 years ago, believing that it can protect children from evil spirits. Because of its gorgeous color and unique texture, it is very popular. Let us talk about the 5 major malachite healing properties, and what’s the malachite meaning. Hope it will help you.

Malachite Healing Properties

1. Anti-oxidation. Malachite contains natural copper element, which can activate the natural antioxidant enzymes (SOD) in the skin, so that the antioxidant enzymes in the skin can play a maximum role and achieve the purpose of anti-oxidation. Wearing malachite jewelry can slow down the formation of the skin's stratum corneum, so as to achieve the effect of delicate and tender skin.

2. Disinfection and regeneration. The ancient Egyptians used to grind malachite into a powder and apply it to the ulcerated wound to heal it. Therefore, wearing malachite jewelry can absorb the natural energy contained in malachite and absorb external radiation to reduce skin irritation.

3. French scientists once extracted a natural active substance from malachite. This material is extremely safe, can improve the natural resistance of cells, remove residual impurities in the cells, thereby enhancing cell viability. Moreover, this malachite extract is green, safe, and does not cause any burden on the skin. So this is also the fundamental reason why modern people are keen on malachite jewelry, which is naturally harmless.

4. Malachite can help people purify and activate the body's chakras, especially the heart chakra and throat chakra. It is especially effective in soothing emotions and releasing negative energy. It can also help treat disordered body and mind. Malachite can produce energy, has the functions of protection, business success, love, peace and stability, and has the function of warning. It is said that when a danger is about to happen, it will break and warn its owner. Malachite is good for children and travelers. The role of body protection can be good for good and avoid evil.

5. There is also a magical effect. It can cut off a relationship you don't want, it can clear your confused thoughts and strengthen your sense of responsibility.

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Malachite Meaning

Natural malachite presents a strong green and emerald luster. Although it does not have the brilliance of jewelry, it is a noble stone with a unique and elegant temperament. Malachite has many mysterious legends. As early as thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians once called it a "sacred stone" and believed that it had the effect of repelling evil, so it was used as a talisman; in Germany, people believed that people wearing malachite could avoid the threat of death. In fact, it is basically the function of amulets.

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