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Why is snake chain necklace hot?

Why is snake chain necklace hot?


The snake chain necklace’s characteristics are quite obvious. It is made up of a Y-shaped metal section connected one by one. At first glance, it looks like the scales of a snake, so it has the name snake chain.

Snake chains are generally soft, close to the skin, and very fluid; the length is generally near the collarbone, which is very friendly to girls who look good on the collarbone; the color is mostly golden, and it is shiny in the sun and has good texture. Combining these characteristics, it can be seen that the snake chain is a sexy, feminine, and somewhat elegant accessory.

snake chain necklace gold

Both the big gold chain and snake chain belong to the necklace without pendant. 

But the snake chain necklace is warm and smooth, and more sexy. 

The lines of the big gold chain are tougher and more handsome. 

Because the snake chain is relatively thin, the presence is not as strong as the big gold chain, and it is quite good for clothes. 

Wearing clothes with a big neckline, you can try to wear it to create a sense of simplicity and neatness without losing texture.

You can only wear it when you are in a handsome style. Match it like old man's vest and suit, it adds a bit of exquisite sexiness to the toughness, and it is very fashionable!

 choker snake necklace women

Black and gold is super cool and attitude~


Another common way to wear the snake choker is: stacking.

Because the snake choker is relatively thin, the material is soft and round, it is very suitable for stacking with different styles of large gold chains and coin necklaces.

After stacking, the shape is very strong.

Basic clothes that can be used to wake up, such as T-shirts and shirts, are instantly fashionable when worn.

It can also be used to match sling wear with a large neckline, strapless wear, swimwear, etc. Let the neck become a landscape by itself~

As a reminder, don't be greedy when stacking, two or three are fine. Too many necklaces will be too complicated, and it is easy to get entangled.

Finally, let's talk about how to choose a snake choker.

Golden is recommended for the color. Silver generally wears more for boys, and it is not as good as golden.

The difference in style is mainly reflected in the thickness. The thinner the more refined, the thicker the more handsome. If you only choose one, I suggest a compromise. Choose the middle one with just the right thickness.

flat snake chain necklace silver

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