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by:Joacii     2020-08-08
1 diamond. 5 carats vvs1g now what price? It's about 100000 - 300000 yuan. With the development of the society of diamond has unwittingly become indispensable in the Chinese wedding. Many people have started to buy diamond carat class above. 1 then the diamonds. What's the price for 5 carats purity vvs1g now? Listen to the authors for said diamond 1 below. 5 carats vvs1g what price now! Flowers yan want to buy a diamond ring friends all know that diamond 4 c standard! Yes, the theme of the diamond is determined by the price, 1 for diamonds. 5 carats purity vvs1g now what the price of this problem has told us the weight of the diamond and clarity, so we have to look at the other two factors, cut and color. Cut is one of the most important is divided into EXCELLENT, VERY GOOD, GOOD, MEDIUM, FAIR, POOR six grades, the higher the grade, the higher the price. 1 influence diamonds. 5 carats purity vvs1g now what price factors followed by the color of the diamond, divided into from D - Z is roughly five grades, the later the lower level, the lower the price. Where D - F the most superior colorless, after is G - J for sub-prime close to colorless. Then the rating from K - Z is a little bit with yellow, N - Z is the worst slightly with yellow. There is also a diamond one. 5 carats purity vvs1g now what price factor is the diamond purchase channels, the author suggest you had better not to big brands to buy diamond, because there is also many brand benefit, you buy diamond part of the money used to buy brand price you feel good? So buying a diamond ring to 1. Purity vvs1g 5 carats diamond can choose to have experience store electricity network, such as, diamond bird etc. Now the price will be cheaper. The author also reminds is buying a diamond ring must let merchants produce certificates of GIA diamonds, so as to ensure that is the real thing. 1 about diamonds. 5 carats vvs1g now what price? Is the author summarizes the above, if you have any questions can contact customer service to answer you oh, welcome to buy them, is the price of electricity and experience store affordable products guaranteed. O( ∩_∩) 啊~ ~
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