9fj offers an insider\'s view of the hottest looks and styles in spring/summer 2020 and beyond

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9FJ offers 2020 spring/summer and above PR Newswire Hong Kong June 3, 2019 stainless steel jewelry: avant-garde and trendy Hong Kong June 3, 2019/PRNewswire/-insider of the hottest look and style-
Fashion jewelry manufacturers enhance the style quotient by combining the urban style with the elements of the natural world through the stainless steel jewelry collection.
Durable and practical metals are expected to emerge in various iterations of the Asian fashion jewelry fair ---September (9FJ)
From bulky rings and bracelets to delicate chains and punk chocolates.
Plain color with texture or high texture
Polished treatment, or designed with leather, rough stone or crystal to increase the impact, stainless steel jewelry is a major product in the wardrobe, it is very functional and can be season after season
\"9FJ\'s stainless steel jewelry pavilion, including men\'s jewelry, is itself the destination for international buyers,\" said commentsCeline Lau, director of the infoma Markets jewelry fair.
\"This special section, other than the other categories-
In the specific area of the exhibition, as the local top fashion jewelry and accessories resources, the unique positioning is 9FJ.
Planned to be held in the Asian world in September 16-19
The 9FJ Expo will feature over 250 of Asia\'s top suppliers, including promising design talent and artisanal businesses.
More than 9,000 buyers from around the world are expected to attend the exhibition.
Dongguan Yitong Jewelry Co. , Ltd. has nothing more irresistible than accessories made of mixed materials such as metal and leather and stone.
Dongguan Yiteng Jewelry Co. , Ltd. has perfectly opened this appearance with its Earth-tone 6mm-
Beads and stainless steel bracelets.
This bracelet boasts vintage decor and rustic charm that can be enjoyed by almost anyone.
Wechiry LtdWechiry Co. , Ltd. is a multi-element that balances women and avant-garde
Use the arm candy line.
The bracelet with steel decoration is dotted with hematite stone, glass and snow beads.
The bracelet is ideal for mixing, matching and stacking, and can also be worn as a necklace.
Gary fashion accessories LtdAn ornament guarantees the complete look of a metal chain necklace decorated with 10mm by Gary Fashion Accessories Co. , Ltd.
12mm-sided glass stone-round and blade-
12mm round glass Pearl.
This necklace comes with a lobster clasp with an extension chain and is a necklace with a multi-functional accent that is acceptable for any look.
Ordinary stainless steel Products from Daystar Products Ltd have a unique modern style and fashion, which can be matched with white T-shirts and jeans or even with costumes.
Two important parts of Daystar products are stainless steel chain rings with brass crosses and metal trim.
Both accents are stained. resistant.
Guangzhou Yazhi Jewelry Co. , Ltd. hopes to win the favor of wholesalers, retail chain stores and boutique owners with its wide range of stainless steel jewelry collections.
Produce almost all types of accessories-think tag and star-
Guangzhou yakuqi theme bracelet regularly participate in the International Expo.
About Information Market jewelry fair fashion jewelry accessories fair--
September organized the byinformma market, the PLC of informma.
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Our portfolio includes over 550 international B2B events and brands, it includes healthcare and pharma, infrastructure, construction and real estate, fashion and clothing, hotels, food and beverages, health and nutrition, and more.
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