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by:Joacii     2020-03-11
The name is reminiscent of rich and well-jewellery Easter eggs.
On last November, Christie\'s sold winter eggs made for Czar Nicholas II in 1913 as a gift to his mother.
It is made of crystal with over 3,000 diamonds and a platinum basket filled with wood anemones carved with white agate.
This was bought by an American for 3.
It is said that it was sold to a Russian for £ 4. 86m.
However, Carl Faberge works a lot more than Easter eggs.
Visitors to the Queen\'s Gallery at Buckingham Palace will enjoy the royal collection of 500 Faberge pieces by January 7.
There are hard stone animals, beautiful photo frames, jewelry bells-
Push bed and desk, clock, hard stone flower research, box, cigarette case, gold and enamel pencil
Jewelry, of course.
The royal interest in the items created by the Fabregas family began with Princess Alexandra of Denmark.
Her sister married Alexander III, the future czar.
The Romans were already passionate about Faberge\'s creation.
With Princess Alexandra\'s marriage to future Edward VII, our royal family has become a customer.
An interesting aspect of the exhibition catalogue is revealing the original cost of some works.
In 1912, George V bought exquisite Easter eggs for 30 pence.
More expensive items, such as a gold-painted cigarette case, range from £ 75 to £ 100.
Faberge has always been unique, but contrary to the popular view, Faberge originals can be affordable today.
Benkey restaurants in London
International-based Faberge experts were asked to provide examples of the lowest stock prices.
Its spokesman only acknowledged \"thousands of people \".
At Iconastas on Piccadilly Circus in London, Christopher Martin is more active. A small two-
The price of the color gold box in the original state is 2,250;
Pure gold pendant photo frame for 1,250;
A silver baptism suit with a gorgeous black leather cover for only £ 750.
This is far from the millions of winter eggs.
The truth is that Faberge\'s so famous royal Easter egg is not typical of the company\'s work.
Carl Faberge called himself an artist.
His competitors, like Tiffany and Cartier, are Jewelers.
He is more interested in design and exquisite craftsmanship than perfect, valuable stones.
Today, with less than £ 2,000, it is possible to buy a Faberge gold brooch with a few diamonds, an enamel box with a small single diamond, or a small decorative pendant
Of course, not all small items are sold at these levels.
In Geneva recently, for example, Sotheby\'s sold a gold enamel photo frame for £ 9,735.
Haydn Williams of Sotheby\'s says certain items are not as expensive as people think.
Bell, for example
Can get a push from around 1,500, while in the auction, the price of 1,000 is deducted.
Things related to smoking are also relatively cheap.
On April, Christie\'s sold a Faberge 18k gold cigarette case with a sapphire thumb at an auction in South Kensington for £ 3,375.
Christie\'s got to sell two better ones in Geneva.
Take the color gold represented by Rose Diamond thumb for example, the price is 2,740. The crafts-
The workmanship of all Faberge cigarette cases is excellent.
They are the main collections of George VI.
The example of Faberge\'s enamel collection does not cost a lot of money either.
On June 20, at a regular jewelry auction in Christie\'s, a blue lacquer bag was sealed
The wax box with the Vesta box costs 2,475.
Faberge silver is also cheap.
For example, Iconastas offered six knives and forks for 1,200.
The Blade of the knife is engraved with C Faberge, Chantrill & Co. Birmingham\".
Sotheby\'s sold a silver medal last month. mounted cut-
1,955 glass vodka glass bottle and a cup of tea-
Glass stand for £ 690 (
All prices include buyer premium).
Is it worth buying original Faberge?
Of course, it makes more sense than buying new items with the Faberge trademark.
Victor Mayer GBHM & Co.
Licensed to produce Faberge style jewelry.
Its retail price is similar to the original film.
The Franklin Mint produces branded products that have no connection with the family.
Sun Tzu Theo Faberge designed a limited edition for the St. Petersburg Collection at the Burlington Arcade, but these items are expensive \"luxury goods\" rather than works of art.
Carl Faberge is considered the greatest jeweler and Goldsmith of all time, and if you buy something you really like, you will have something to cherish.
In 1917, the Communist Party closed Faberge\'s business.
In recent decades, there has been increasing interest in his creation, and there is no sign that enthusiasm is weakening.
Be careful, however.
There may be more fake mini eggs on the market than genuine ones.
The original price is 1,500.
Buy from a dealer you can trust and can only be auctioned under guidance.
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