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When Saboni was 27-year-
The old microbiologist was getting married. She told her cousin to give her a set of silver jewelry, which was very attractive to her.
_ 156; Silver is no longer used by college students.
Yes, it\'s cheaper than gold, but it\'s elegant in its own way.
Now, with the emergence of online retail websites, silver jewelry design has also undergone tremendous changes.
I saw this beautiful TV on the internet. It costs 15,000 rupees.
I told my cousin what I wanted my Sandy to do and let me get it.
It\'s so smart that I can wear it to office parties, even on dates with my husband.
_ 157; Saboni is not the only one.
In Agra, more and more young women, whether professionals, students or housewives, choose silver jewelry.
Although silver has always been a budget-
Friendly, new design range, changing lifestyle and growing fashion sense all contribute to the popularity of this white metal.
Shubhangi Pasricha Company(right)
Kratika Garg Go Gaga\'s silver-necked items look classic, breaking the monotony of gold: Agra_snewly-
Wedsnishika Bansal, a new one-
After the marriage, a resident of Kamla Nagar said, \"When everyone gave me gold jewelry at my wedding, I decided to buy silver for myself because it would add something new to my jewelry collection. \"
I\'m really happy with the choice I made.
I can wear my silver on many occasions.
I can wear beautiful clothes on a date night or heavier clothes at a wedding.
Sika added: \"After marriage, I go to see relatives or other people almost every day. \"
Silver is really a welcome change, it broke my monotony of gold!
_ 157; ASHNA agarwal, a software developer and resident of Pratap Nagar, said, _156; after my marriage, my mother-in-
The law insists that I wear jewelry every time.
But wearing golden clothes to work every day is too fancy for me to choose.
It was then that I began to wear silver jewelry.
It\'s more elegant and comfortable to wear at work, and it goes well with my Western-style clothes.
__ You don\'t have to worry about the safety of gold and other silver jewelry. Shubhangi Pasricha is a resident of Khandari, who pursues British honor. She said: _________________
So silver jewelry is a safe choice for me.
I wear silver chains and earrings to go to college every day.
It looks good. It goes with traditional clothes and Western-style clothes.
_ Roli Rastogi, a housewife and resident of Kamla Nagar, said: \"The most important thing about silver jewelry is that unlike expensive gold jewelry, you don\'t have to worry about putting it in a locker or bank.
And you can wear it anytime.
_ Neha khatri, a salesman and resident of the Balkan War, said, Because I often come home late from work, I often worry about my jewelry being robbed at night.
I can\'t wear artificial jewelry. My skin will get rashes.
So Silver is just right for me.
_ Kratika Garg(left)
Somya Bhargava found that the perfect combination of silver oxide jewelry with all types of clothing led to the popularity of silver jewelry, Pulkit Gupta, the owner of a silver jewelry store in Sangjie Palace, saying that earlier, silver jewelry was used only for gifts, especially silver coins.
But now the use of silver has evolved and people regard it as different jewelry.
_ Somya Bhargava, a management student and resident of Dayabagh, said: _________________
I order different accessories almost every month, such as toe rings, finger rings and ankles.
Shikha Garg, a jewelry designer at Vijay Nagar, said that earlier, people thought it was unlucky to wear gold on their feet. Silver was only used to pay salaries and make bikinis.
However, the use of silver has developed over time.
We now use silver jewelry made of pure silver. It\'s 92. 5% pure.
Silver, combined half-
Gemstones such as crystal, quartz, lunar stone, amethyst, agate and garnet are excellent jewelry foundations and are popular with Agavala people of all ages.
College student Walguni Garg\'s favorite silver jewelry is \"silver jewelry. \" She said, \"Gold jewelry looks very tacky. Don\'t mix all your clothes together. \"
In addition, although gold jewelry is mostly worn at weddings, relatively light silver jewelry can be worn every day.
_ 157; kratika garg, a business graduate and resident of Nuremen, said: \"_156; I prefer silver jewelry to gold jewelry, because besides economy, silver jewelry has a wide range of designs.
_ 157; A great gift project, Sakshi Agarwal, a PhD student from IISC and a resident of Agra Cantt, said, \"Silver is a great gift. It is budget-
It\'s very friendly. It looks good.
I bought a 1000 pound pendant for my friend on her birthday.
__ \"Manika Singhal downloads the latest city\'s Times of India news application.
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