all that glitters may be fake : costume jewelry is back in style in a big way

by:Joacii     2020-03-26
Beverly Hills Ciro jeweler\'s window is filled with glittering necklaces, earrings and pins to compete with any jewelry store in tony town, with only one exception ---
It\'s fake.
For 45 years, Ciro\'s location on Wilshire Avenue caters to a group of people who think diamonds are not their only best friends.
Over the past few years, business has become better and better as clothing jewelry has gained new splendor with consumers.
\"It\'s just advancing by leaps and bounds.
\"It\'s growing every year,\" said Betty kravens, Ciro\'s manager, who is one of more than 20 branches in the United States.
However, with the booming sales of fashion jewelry, the industry calls this
Imports of precious materials are gaining more and more share in the US market. S. market.
Effects of Toyota Corolla on Detroit and the United StatesS.
In the automotive industry at the beginning of 1970, \"tongue twister beads\" and other non-
At the beginning of 1980, metal jewelry had an impact on Providence to some extent. I.
Capital of American clothing and jewelry.
But the situation is improving for domestic manufacturers.
Gadget makers, which attract the attention of foreign manufacturers, report that they have achieved some success in improving their competitive ability and that the United States has weakened its competitive power. S.
The dollar has slowed the growth of imports in the past few months.
\"This is often a rather emotional issue in the industry,\" says Matthew . \".
Runci is executive director of the US-made jeweler and silversmith, a trade group based in Providence.
Runci said that since the end of 1970, the popularity of clothing jewelry has surged, and sales growth has exceeded the annual growth of disposable income in the past few years.
Some estimate that the annual sales of fashion jewelry are as high as $6 billion or $7 billion, while the annual retail sales of boutique jewelry are estimated to be between $12 billion and $14 billion. At Ceres Corp.
Is one of the world\'s largest producers of cubic zirconium, a mineral that has become a common low-cost mineral
President Joseph F. said sales of cost-Diamond alternatives have soared in recent years. Wenckus said.
Quality North Bilica.
He said the company shipped 72 tons of cubic zirconium to knives last year, compared to about 32 tons in 1985.
Ceres\'s biggest competitor, Taiwan\'s producer, is expected to ship between 90 and 100 tons, he said.
\"It\'s all going on a fever court,\" winkas said . \".
Clothing jewelry is often bought by people wearing clothing, while fine jewelry is often bought as a gift, Runci said.
John E said that the increase in sales can be attributed in part to the increasing number of working women
Benison, executive vice president of marketing and sales at merrydon Napier, Connecticut. -
The company is one of the largest fashion jewelry manufacturers in the United States.
\"As women move more and more into the workforce and professional areas, they are looking to invest in clothing,\" he said . \".
\"This creates the need to add accessories to create a new look, because with investment clothing they can\'t afford a new wardrobe every season. . . .
It\'s much easier to buy a new necklace and earrings than to go out and buy a new Anne Klein jacket.
\"Driven by Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and others, fashion changes have also played a role.
Virginia Hagrid, vice president of marketing at Trifari, said: \"We see that women are strictly a imitation of real things from clothing jewelry, to look at clothing jewelry for themselves . \", Large manufacturer of fashionable jewelry with moderate price.
\"People have gone through a simple and good period,\" said James R . \"
Winkour, President B. B.
Greenberg is a large clothing and jewelry manufacturer in Providence.
\"Now, people are going through a period of beauty and good decoration.
\"It\'s like a building,\" he said . \"\"Twenty-
Five years ago, it was never believed that Victorian residential buildings would be as popular as they are today.
Industry watchers said: \"robbery is also a factor in the quality and variety of clothing jewelry.
\"You\'ll find those people who are architects, painters or whatever, and now they\'re in the jewelry space,\" said Betty Frala, a accessories buyer at the Laise Adzer clothing chain and Glitz, the company is located in the ancient jewelry store in Century City.
There are other concerns in the atmosphere of Beverly Hills.
\"In Beverly Hills and the West End of Los Angeles, there are a lot of robberies,\" Ciro\'s Cravens said . \".
\"Many people lost their jewelry during the robbery.
They often replace their real jewelry with good reproductions.
\"For others, the high cost of insurance convinced them to leave the diamonds in the safe box.
On the contrary, they dress very high.
The quality is fake, she said.
At Ciro, the price of jewelry ranges from $20 to $2,800.
For some people, boredom is the key, she said.
\"I have a lot of customers saying, \'Oh, I can\'t wear my diamond earrings anymore.
I\'m so tired of them.
Said Clarence.
\"Then they took it out of their wallet, my God, you can buy a house with them.
\"They buy fashion jewelry for this variety,\" she said.
But despite the growth in sales of clothing and jewelry, imports have grown faster.
Imports account for 27% of total U. S. imports. S.
According to a study by business trend analysts, a marketing research company based in Commack, New York, 1986 marketY.
Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan-
The study found that there are four kinds of imported fashion jewelry.
The concept of oriental jewelry is reminiscent of the sight of stuffing pearls and gold into boxes on tall ships.
Modern reality is a little less romantic.
Most modern imported goods belong to non-imported goods.
A study by the International Trade Commission, 1986, found that the metal category was mainly made of wood, plastic, leather, bones, shells and ivory.
The study said that this type of jewelry was rapidly gaining popularity in early 1980, but most domestic manufacturers were producing metal jewelry.
As a result, imports have entered the US market on a large scale. S.
The market, it says.
For example, the United States absorbed 29% of the world\'s total imports of fashion jewelry in 1981.
The study said the figure grew to 52% in 1985.
1985, imports accounted for 84%, non-
Metal jewelry sold in the United States and 19% of non-
Precious metal jewelry.
Due to lower labor rates and other manufacturing costs, imported products also enjoy a huge cost advantage, Runci said.
And the strength of the United States. S.
Compared with many foreign currencies in early 1980, the dollar made US imports cheaper. S. consumers.
In Thailand, he said, the average hourly wage for jewellery workers was 56 cents, compared to $7 or $8 an hour in the United States.
\"While Thailand may be an extreme in terms of low cost. . .
When you look at Taiwan or Hong Kong, there is no doubt that they have an advantage in labor costs and other manufacturing costs, \"such as the costs created by environmental and labor regulations.
\"For some manufacturers, imports have and will continue to pose a threat,\" Runci said . \".
The ITC study found that the employment rate of garment jewellery manufacturers fell by 6.
Compared to 1985, there were between 7% and 22,200 workers in 1981.
However, the profitability of the United StatesS.
From 1981 to 1985, producers responding to the survey remained relatively stable.
Fashion change and low price competition
US import pricesS.
Manufacturers have been emphasizing various marketing factors.
Domestic producers are superior to foreign manufacturers in their ability to provide support services, promotions, training and other incentives, Runci said. Some U. S.
He said manufacturers have moved production to foreign shores or are importing more parts to be assembled in the United States.
Frequent style changes and quality focus benefit many domestic manufacturers, he said.
\"Recently, the role of imports may have stabilized as the look of fashion has changed and, more importantly, what we call design --
\"Look at it carefully,\" said Hague of Trifari.
She said that clothing jewelry using metal has gained something in a brightly colored appearance. B. B.
Greenberg, who has long imported jewelry parts, finds himself importing the whole piece of jewelry.
\"But now we find that the American manufacturer is more competitive,\" he said . \" He added that the company produces most of its products in the United States.
Two years ago, manufacturing jewelers and silversmiths in the United States sponsored an engineering company\'s research into the state of the industry.
\"We found that, to our surprise, the performance of the industry is far below its capabilities,\" Runci said . \".
But by implementing ways to increase productivity and modernize factories-
Some are as simple as changing the layout of the factory. -
Without substantial capital investment, he said, more than 300 hardcover jewelry companies have saved $7 million.
Runci said the weak dollar helped some companies try to boost sales through exports, but in an industry that is mainly made up of small businesses, \"It\'s a daunting process . \".
Brian Tart, president of another large clothing and jewelry company, said the company\'s export projects had achieved good results.
\"We have made a huge leap in sales in Asia,\" he said . \".
\"The best defense is a good offense.
\"Recently, the domestic industry has benefited from exchange rate changes.
\"American jewelry manufacturers have been cracking down on imports (primarily)
Thanks to the depreciation of the dollar . \"
Runci said the industry was recently encouraged when the U. S. S.
The government \"graduates\" some foreign competitors from the preferential scheme, which allows certain developing countries to import jewelry to the United States without paying tariffs, with tariffs ranging from six. 5% to 12%.
\"We worked hard for this last year,\" Runci said . \".
\"We don\'t think it\'s a protectionist measure, it\'s a way to compete fairly.
Runci said some companies have closed down due to imports.
\"On the other hand, it is said that it is time for the industry to adapt and compete.
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