Any Joacii Jewelry offices in other countries?
Xiamen Joacii Jewelry Co., Ltd. established some offices in other countries, which can be seen as an important measure to strengthen our connection to the global market. Through these offices, we can have direct contact with our customers overseas, providing services without delay. Generally, we will target our main export destination to set up offices, which can ensure fast processing of orders, full use of local resources, and reduction in unnecessary expenses. If customers want to know whether there are offices in their countries, they can check out our sales network on our website.

In the past years, Joacii Jewelry has developed from a small manufacturer of bumble bee jewelry to a global and diversified provider in the industry. The white gold earrings series is widely praised by customers. Joacii sterling silver jewelry goes through a series of quality performance and regulatory tests. They are abrasion/pilling testing, colorfastness testing, fiber/chemical analysis, oil & water absorbency/repellency testing, etc. This product stands out for its great lightfastness. The product features surface self-protection. The lime and other residues are not prone to build up on its surface over time. It is lead- and nickel-free, which does no harm to the human body.

Our vision is to achieve a first-rate brand and become a competitive pearl engagement rings company. Check now!
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