Basic knowledge of the diamond diamond knowledge

by:Joacii     2020-08-13
Diamond basic knowledge, the most comprehensive and professional to introduce you to naked drill the basic knowledge of diamond and diamond ring, at the same time provide silver, gold, platinum, K gold selection guide. Help you better choose his precious loose diamonds, diamond ring! Love is the only what is diamond? Diamond is a crystallization of minerals, as well as graphite, is composed of carbon element C in nature. In all natural mineral, diamond has the highest hardness, at the same time because its brittleness, it is fragile. Of (among) all the material, diamond has the highest thermal conductivity. Silver and copper in the thermal conductivity of the metal is less than diamond. In addition, when heating diamond difficult or not, when the temperature is as high as 700 to 800 diamonds will burn. In anaerobic environment, when the diamond is heated to very high, diamonds into carbon. Diamond level; The grade of diamond with 4 c standard. The so-called diamond 4 c standard, refer to the diamond carat weight, clarity, color and cut. The diamond value: many people on the issue of value is often to consider when buying a diamond, but as a diamond, the annual output is considerable, and therefore only has the value of the hedging, large carat diamond with international practice, only more than one carat diamond are the basic conditions of hedging. But even the rest of the 3 c standard are excellent one carat diamond would like to sell high prices at auction is more difficult, because 1 carat diamond production is quite stable, if not enough value, unable to make its price rise, it will decline.
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