automotive oem: coatings market: automotive and truck production is increasing, which is driving coatings use and growth rates.

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The production of cars and trucks continues to increase, which makes the use and growth rate of coatings continue to increase.
According to Phil Phillips, president and general manager of chemark consulting group, experts like LMC Automotive have already predicted from the age of 17.
2 million to 17. 4 million units
This is three percentage points higher than the production level of 2014. 9 million units
\"Investment in the region will increase overall production capacity by nearly 500,000 vehicles, and with strong demand for North American cars, the outlook for production is expected to be more optimistic,\" Phillips said . \".
\"Compared to 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, we found that the average growth rate was almost 13% during this period.
It\'s car and truck production, according to Phillips. -notsales--
This is the basis for predicting the use and growth rate of coatings.
\"It is clear that the sales of these units are important for tracking, but the coating is used when producing vehicle units, which we have to focus on.
\"The financial situation affecting demand for cars/trucks is declining along the following 10 macro and consumer elements: disposable income, unemployment, housing market, stock market, fuel price, credit availability, vehicle equity, vehicle prices, incentives and product activities.
\"We have other people who predict the same speed or better development, which shows that the automotive industry in North America is in good condition,\" Phillips said . \".
Activity Value Chain (Coating, etc)
Supply It has a very healthy part to play.
Chemark estimates the value of the North American OEM Automotive/truck paint market at $2. 4 billion USD.
\"This number is due to the direct sale of its coatings to OEM factories by eco-formulators for the application of electronic productscoat primers;
Can be polished primer;
The base color coating, and finally the transparent finish system.
It does not include first-class suppliers who manufacture and coat under the hood and body parts ($0,390billion)
And job shop custom coding machine ($0,145 billion)
\"From parts manufacturers and coatings to threaded parts of specifications,\" Phillips said . \".
Consumption in North America totaled $2. 835 trillion.
The main recipes for supplying over 80% North American OEMplants and key class manufacturers are: PPG, Axalta, AkzoNobel and BASF.
Others who provide some OEM but are mainly first-line manufacturers are: Sherwin-
Williams, wowag, Red Dot, Japanese paint and American paint.
According to Chris Toomey, BASF\'s senior vice president of paint solutions for North America, his company believes that due to the increase in car manufacturing, growth.
\"When automakers make more cars, BASF sells more eco-friendly products,\" Tommey said . \".
\"We have also seen sustained growth based on the new technologies we are developing and our high quality products.
Toomey said BASF has strengthened its business in China by setting up the latest automotive OEM paint factory in Shanghai.
\"In addition, we are currently building another factory that produces adhesives, which will start production in the second half of 2015,\" said Toomey . \".
\"In the future, we will continue to invest in R & D, application technology and production capacity in emerging markets.
In the automotive refin paint field, we opened the first automotive refin paint training center in Johannesburg.
Toomey said: \"There are three in terms of the latest trends and technologies that drive the market.
\"One is the process improvement to improve the efficiency of the application of different paint layers.
BASF pioneered the integrated process, eliminating one of the baking steps for OEMs.
Second, product technology.
Designers want to distinguish between colors.
Our color designers work with OEMs to develop attractive and unique colors.
The third driver is lightweight.
The coating needs to be adjusted for different substrates to ensure correct adhesion, etc. ,\" he said.
BASF\'s global color design team predicts future color trends every year.
Toomey said the latest trends show five trends in North America that will debut in the next two to three years.
Some of these colors are light blue, rich orange and soft green.
Regarding the coating properties, Toomey says that color is an important part of the design of the car.
\"Automakers want to attract consumers to buy their brands with high performance, high quality and reliable paint.
Basfcontinue is committed to improving the efficiency and sustainability of materials and processes, \"he said.
Finally, Toomey said that BASF\'s research and development was carried out around color properties, basecoats and transparent coatings, as well as water processes. \"We have best-in-
\"First-class products, we continue to push the envelope and seek to improve the products that are already strong,\" Toomey concluded . \".
Cindy Niekamp, senior vice president of PPG Automotive coatings, said that PPG\'s automotive OEM coatings business continued to operate well, growing faster than the market level.
\"In the fourth quarter, the business achieved strong growth,\" Niekamp said . \".
\"In 2014, PPG\'s automotive oem coatings business was strong in North America and Asia Pacific, and we have experienced growth in Europe as well.
In the long run, the automotive OEM coatings market is expected to continue to maintain good growth, driven by growth in Asia and Latin America, growth may be around 4 to 5%.
Due to our extensive footprint around the world, we expect to continue to maintain these positive economic trends in order to promote the continued growth of automotive OEM coatings.
Niekamp added that PPG benefits from Health
It is located in China and other emerging regions, using customers to build new greenfield factories and transform into newer paint workshop technology.
\"The PPG is leading in many of these technologies, which allows us to develop with some of the most successful automakers in high-growth countries,\" she said . \".
\"In addition to our technology, we continue to localize production and services in China and emerging regions.
For example, our factory in Tianjin, China has become the largest factory in the world.
Moreover, we continue to expand paint and re-production in China.
On 2014, we announced our investment in facilities in Rio Juan del Rio, Mexico, and São Paulo Sumaré, Brazil, which will enable us to meet the growing demand for automotive coatings in these countries.
Niekamp added that PPG saw a variety of trends in the future.
\"One example is the need for color.
\"Color Science has come a long way and paint provides a meaningful way for customers to distinguish themselves,\" she said . \".
\"Another key driver of R & D investment is energy.
As automakers continue to look for innovative ways to improve fuel efficiency, PPG\'s products help customers produce light vehicles that meet environmental requirements.
Oem is using more weight metal for car body and body parts (
Like the new Ford F150).
PPG works with our customers to provide solutions that enable their paint shops to adapt to this more complex environment while ensuring continuous quality and colorful finishes.
We also work with them to reduce energy costs.
The Intensivepaint shop works.
\"In order to save water, the paint shop has become the focus of attention of Automobile Manufacturers.
PPG will launch the Green Logic matrix and Green Logic release version in 2015.
The GreenLogic Matrix enabled system uses about 15,000 gallons to fill, while the traditional system uses 200,000 gallons.
GreenLogic Ultimate contains an optimized mixture of polymers, three of which come from plant materials.
In addition, the company\'s ZIRCOBOND pretreatment reduces water use, waste and energy costs-
Niekamp says it can save the North American assembly plant an average of 16 million gallons of water per year.
In addition to green logic products, the environment of the PPG
Prime 7000 hyper-
The electric coating can also save on average 30% of the electricity and water used during the typical electric coating process.
White remains the most popular car color made worldwide in 2014, Niekamp said, and automakers around the world are constantly looking for new ways to create a unique look for models and car brands
\"Today, automakers can choose from a variety of colors, or from a variety of conservative shades, such as white, silver, black and gray, and micas, fine and bright aluminum tones
\"Paint is changing,\" she said.
For the 2015 models, the PPG believes drivers will see an increase in natural tones such as copper coins, oranges and Brown.
New models may also be affected by metal shades such as bronze, white wax and rose gold, which have had a significant impact in fashion, jewelry, furniture and industrial design in recent years.
In addition, consumers will be able to get the same high
They are now easy to spend on entertainment platforms with access to \"high-depth\"color--
A deeper and richer version of the color-
Especially in 2015, there were models of blues, red and yellow.
Oem Steve Markevich, senior vice president and president of Axalta, said that in the past two years, global auto production has increased by three to four percentage points, the impact of the steady growth of the global economy has provided a good market condition for the continued investment in technology and capabilities of anshengta.
\"However, global growth is not consistent,\" Markevich said . \".
\"The market for free trade agreements between China and North America has grown significantly, and South America and Europe have recently faced challenges.
As a global supplier, Axalta is able to withstand fluctuations in the local economy, benefiting from the growth of auto production, which has been slightly higher than global GDP.
The need for more paint has been and may continue to exist.
Markevich said Axalta is investing in many markets to support China\'s economic growth.
\"We recently opened a new water-based manufacturing plant in the Shanghai operation center.
In December, we opened a new oem r & D laboratory near the Shanghai factory.
In addition to these hard assets, we have been building our team and adapting our technology to support growth and customers.
At the same time, we are improving our resin capacity in Mexico, our coating capacity in Brazil, and expanding our water-based production capacity in Germany to continue to meet the needs of our global market.
Markevichsaid said there are five major trends affecting coatings.
The first is the desire of car buyers for color selection and appearance.
\"For many car buyers, vehicles are still an emotional purchase, which drives them to crave a range of choices and trends,\" he said . \".
\"Many consumers will pay extra or choose the car manufacturer and model to get the color and effect they want.
Packaging and marketing for color and look creates an opportunity for our OEM customers to stand out in a competitive environment for sharing or increasing profits.
The Axalta design scolor option will best suit the tastes of consumers and the OEMbranding strategy in order to reach the car purchase.
\"Productivity is the second trend,\" Markevich said.
Competition in the auto market is fierce.
\"Customers have been looking for ways to reduce costs.
Paint Shop operation is one of the largest users of energy and funds in the manufacturing process.
Therefore, our OEM customers are looking for paint technology innovations that can help reduce costs . \"
The third trend we see is globalization.
OEMs are increasingly looking for global solutions, Markevich added.
The idea is to design products and processes once and replicate them around the world.
This normalization improves the efficiency and quality of product launches and ongoing operations, many of which are far from home offices.
\"The continued development of emerging markets is still an ongoing trend,\" he said . \"
\"Emerging markets are leading the growth of GDP and per capita GDP.
The development potential of China, India, South America and ASEAN countries is huge.
The processing capacity and application of paint are still developing.
To benefit from growth, Axalta\'s strategy as these markets evolve is to continue to invest and grow with global support.
\"Regulation is the ultimate trend that affects everything we do.
The automotive industry is affected by many regulations.
As a paint supplier, regulations on harmful substances and volatile organic content directly affect the material we use to produce the paint.
\"Regulations governing vehicle emissions indirectly affect paint suppliers as OEMs consider adopting alternative materials and production methods to increase mileage per gallon and reduce the environmental impact of operating vehicles.
One result, for example, is that more and more lightweight plastics and composites require a new paint formula from Axalta, \"he said.
Axalta tracks colors and effects in its annual global color pop report, and Markevich notes some interesting trends over time.
While regional differences continue, axalta sees more global consistency in consumer preferences, he said.
Neutral colors continue to dominate, although they provide the basis for more color and color versions.
While Silver continues to fall, there has been global growth in red and blue.
\"Due to these trends, we have identified RadiantRed as the 2015 car colors in North America this year,\" he said . \".
In terms of coating performance, Axalta customers are looking for consistency and quality of the products we offer.
\"The painting process is a complex, highly automated system,\" he said . \"
\"It is not uncommon to produce 60 or more paint-painted vehicles per hour.
Being able to maintain these high levels of production without interruption is critical to the success of our customers.
The final painted vehicle must meet the customer\'s expectations for the quality of the paint, in the absence of defects, there is excellent appearance and harmonious color matching on all parts, including painting in other locations
Finally, as the average age of the car on theroad continues to increase, the coating is expected to provide protection and beauty for the life of the car.
Markevich says his R & D team is focused on addressing trends, color brightness, and sustainability issues.
\"Therefore, our research covers a wide range from the functionality of consumer needs to efficient systems that meet the needs of continuous improvement.
At the same time, we are also dealing with the changing regulatory environment.
\"We have launched the Vermeera technology series with top effects and high colors, offering new elegance and excitement to our customers and their car buyers.
Our next generation of aquaec electric coatings and our new coats are designed to meet the growing demand
\"More and more regulations and oemspecs require more efficient coatings and their ability to work with advanced materials such as carbon fiber reinforced components,\" he said . \". PPG-
Bobby alowi\'s floats won the 2015 AMBR award
Built-in car painting with ppt industrial automotiverefinish products won the most beautiful sports car in the United States 2015 (AMBR)
Won the prize at the Grand National Motor Show (GNRS), Jan. 23-
In Pomona, California.
The striking 1933 sports car, owned by Larry Olsen of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, was completed by Alloway and was recognized by the program judges and viewers. The AMBR, an8-foot-
The tall trophy, awarded once a year, is considered the final recognition of the sports car --style hot rod.
This is the second time Alloway has won the award.
His first time was in 2003.
This year, the best pole of Alloway alsowon GNRS, with 1937 Chevy coupe, was the top 10 in this year\'s SEMA Builders Challenge.
GNRS started in 1950 and is the longest-
Host indoor auto shows around the world.
18 competitors competed for the AMBR award this year.
Alloway\'s award-winning works are decorated with his iconic black and contrasting blazing-
The orange flame runs through almost the entire length of the sports car body.
Alloway uses the PPG product and he uses the deltron DBU 9700 Basecoat and the DCU 2002 concept Clearcoat to achieve an excellent look for the car.
Alloway is called \"Master black\" because his unique car is almost always painted black and has been building street poles since 1978.
His store, Alloway\'s hot bar store in louisville, Tennessee, opened in 1991 and has been opening in otarward --
Award winning vehicle. He is well-
Known for cars with a comfortable, positive look, this look is obtained through a combination of colors, proportions, gestures and power.
While winning AMBR and best pole honors, Alloway was introduced to the GNRS Sports Car Hall of Fame during the show.
Founded in 1960, Hallof Fame aims to recognize \"outstanding pioneers in creative car manufacturing \".
\"The addition of Alloway is based on his outstanding career and he has built a lot of cars.
In addition to his two AMBR awards, Alloway\'s car also won the good man street pole of the year award and the Street Machine Award
Ridler trophies and other trophies.
He was also welcomed by the National Rod and Custom Car Hall of Fame and was awarded the Detroit Master of Architecture of the year.
Other builders who have won the GNRS include Randy bochlin of Cypress, Texas, and Dave jindigg of Kindig --
Design of Salt Lake City.
Two of bochlin.
Color 1947 Hudson painted hiscustom bad, bad Lehua brown and green acres of Pearl to win the first, outstanding paint and outstanding praise.
\"It\'s great to win these awards,\" bochlin said . \"
\"It is very gratifying to win here.
\"Borchering uses the grand prize of geography DP90LV epoxy primer, glorious CollectionVP2100 polyester primer, geography primer and global SystemD8152 lacquer varnishworthy results.
Borchering takes advantage of the monthly year of PPGproducts.
Painthouse has been producing custom cars for nearly 10 years and is known for providing excellent paint work.
Dave Kindig scored with 1934 Dodge and 1950 Phantom Fleetside.
Dodge won the championship with first-class results, excellent paint, excellent interiors and outstanding display Awards.
The car was painted with a custom PPGmix called Dark Desert Sage, which was created using Envirobase high performance Basecoat and global refining system D8188 Clearcoat.
Phantom Fleetside won 2015 Al Slonaker award for being the most innovative model at the show. Its white-over-
Red paint scheme is also implemented using Envirobase high performance Basecoat and global RefinishSystem D8188 Clearcoat.
\"From solvent to water, our customers make our paint shiny,\" said John Parran, marketing director for PPG at automververefinish.
\"We are proud of our products, but what our customers can do with them makes us more impressed.
We congratulate these winners on doing a good job at work and look forward to their dreams for the next step.
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