Buying jewelry isn't really a difficult task,

by:Joacii     2020-05-19
l Buy versatile jewelry. One of my favorite pieces of jewelry, which I wear over and over again, is a flexible gold necklace, which I can use as a headband, a belt, a necklace, or loop it around my wrist a few times and use it as a bracelet. You want jewelry that changes with your mood and outfitsjewelry that adapts to you. So, perhaps get a ring you can also use as a pendant, or a chain that doubles as a bracelet. Be alert when you shop think outside the box, and you'll be sure to find jewelry you'll wear again and again. l Make sure your jewelry enhances your body type. Long fingers suit rings with round stones while short fingers suit oval rings, which elongate the hand. Long necklaces either in a V or a Y can make you look taller, whereas chokers make you look shorter. Small boned ladies with delicate wrists should consider thin bracelets while medium to large boned ladies should consider wide, exaggerated bracelets. l Make sure your earrings go with your face shape. You want earrings which flatter your face shapenot highlight its flaws. Here's the basic rundown. Round faces need to avoid big button-shaped earrings or hoops. Instead, go for long, dangling earrings or rectangular ones. Rectangular faces need to avoid long earrings and go for simple stubs instead. l Oh, and don't follow jewelry trends too closely. We all have the impulse to buy trendy items (I'm certainly guilty of it), but keep them to a minimum. Instead of spending $10 or $20 there on cheap, trendy items, save up to buy something enduring for you.
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