cartier love bangle: paying tribute to aldo cipullo\'s new york legacy

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When the Panther-
Love Jenny Tucson will always be Cartier\'s most famous designer-she was appointed jewelry creative director by Louis Cartier of Paris in 1933-and a name that stands out especially as the originator of jewelry cartier aesthetics.
This name is Aldo Ciullo, blue. eyed, hard-
Italian jewelry designer who immigrated to New York in 1959.
After working for Tiffany and David Webb, Ciullo joined Cartier in 1969.
His first design for five people.
The term of office is still one of the best
Jewelry for sale at Cartier (
Maybe any House)
History: Love bracelet.
Including two and a half gold.
Circle, the bracelet is fixed on the wrist with screws, using a micro vermeil screwdriver for sale.
It is almost impossible to wear it yourself, so it is only intended to be purchased as a gift of true love.
The feminists at the time objected to its historical connection to the chastity belt, but did not succeed.
Famous wearers include Nancy and Frank Sinatra, Sophia Roland and Carlo Ponty, Dylan cannon and Cary Grant.
In a particularly smart marketing campaign, Cartier launched Love, giving matching bracelets to 25 celebrity couples, including Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, and holding them at the New York store
Ciullo soon followed up on the success of love with Juste un Clou (Just a Nail)
Daily necessities will be used as 18-1970-
The carat gold bracelet is upgraded to a fashion logo for premium jewelry.
It is essentially a big gold nail wrapped around the wrist and a bold design that reflects the spirit of the times.
Since 1978, Harry Finn has been running retro Cartier in London\'s private gallery, and he has always admired the work of Ciullo and collected original love and Clou works.
\"The surprising thing about Ciullo is that he is the only external designer allowed to sign Cartier\'s work,\" said Fane, a famous retro Cartier expert.
\"So both the original love and Clou bracelets were printed with Cartier, signed as Ciullo, and dated the year.
\"There is very little photographic evidence of the original design-after all, it was the day before Instagram and Snapchat, and in any case one can imagine Bianca Jagger, Grace Jones, diane von Furstenberg and others are too busy to take selfies in Studio 54-but the unexpected nature of Juste un Clou reflects the free --
The rebellious spirit of that era consolidated Cartier\'s reputation as a thoroughly modern boutique jewelry company in New York.
While Love bracelets have remained successful and popular, nail designs have been forgotten.
And then Finn and Richemont chairman John Rupert (
Have Cartier)
There happened to be a conversation about the Clou bracelet, which led to the purchase of a vintage example by Rupert.
In 2012, Cartier reignited the passion for design, and Cartier relaunched the design with great fanfare. The star-
Accompanied by an exhibition of Ciullo works called Cartier and OLDO siplo: New York City in its 70 s, the fashion world\'s love for the Illuminati and soft hats of that era was used.
Since Juste un Clou enjoyed returning to the spotlight, Cartier is now re-focusing on Ciullo\'s iconic love bracelet and launching a new collection this winter.
The new version is thinner than the original, and there is an important difference-it is hinged, so it takes only one screw, not two, to put it on and remove it yourself, no need for another hand.
In addition to the reduced width, it may be very much like the original version, but symbolically, it is the kind of love that one buys for himself-no need for a partner.
Maybe that\'s enough to fit it into the New York spirit of the original design.
This spirit also exists in Cartier\'s renovated Fifth Avenue boutique, which opened the door in September with a spectacular party.
Since 1917, Cartier has called this \"mansion\" its home in New York, when it was a legendary real world.
In terms of real estate transactions, Pierre Cartier bought a natural pearl necklace and $100 from the merchant Morton factory and his wife Tracy, the house was originally designed for them 13 years ago
In the middle of 100 (
How tempting it is for Cartier to postpone a year to reach this magical Centennial)
The New York tower has become a mecca for American upper class society, attracting the likes of composer Cole Porter and his beautiful wife Linda, Hollywood darling Vivian Lee and Lawrence Olivier.
There are wealthy Doons-Mrs. William van der Burg, Mrs. Randolph Hearst, Barbara Heton, and later the artists and their muse-Andy Warhol, compare
It took nearly two and a half years, from top to bottom, to renovate this huge building and move it from a warren-
It\'s like mixing rooms and rooms that both customers and employees are confused into a huge and coherent series of spaces that flow easily from one space to another, every space is dedicated to its own men\'s watches, accessories, bridal jewelry.
Architect Thierry deignt, known for repairing the Statue of Liberty and recently for the renovation of the Ritz Hotel in Paris, is in charge of the project, as the new chief executive officer of Cartier, Cyrille Vigneron, explaining, converting the building puzzle back to a building that is faithful to the Times is more than simply patching and reconnecting the space.
\"In order to achieve a continuity from the beginning of the 20 th century to today, a lot of work has been done with deinit,\" he said . \".
\"As a person, he is very special and respects all the cultural elements of the building.
This is a question of space and memory for him.
Who lives there?
What is the historical clue?
He did a great job of making history contemporary.
\"Deinit has succeeded in creating the epic elegance and elegance that Cartier has always been good.
It is large, luxurious and very American.
The whole, rich historical stories are told through framed photos-Elizabeth Taylor received an extraordinary ruby and diamond Cartier necklace from her husband Mike Todd while swimming in the pool near St. villaJean-Cap-Ferrat;
Grace, the Princess of Monaco, was dressed in a wedding dress and looked nervous as she hurried along the terrace.
What I really want to know is whether this new mansion will return to a very specific New York Cartier, the kind of design that Ciullo has created the best selling of so many houses?
\"It\'s good to have a specific identity in every city [
London, Paris and New York
Especially when they have been around for a hundred years, we have got clear placements and anchors there, \"said vinelon.
\"In fact, there are also some designers and jewelry studios in the local area.
We \'ve thought about doing this again, and there\'s not much of a difference-Cartier has universal appeal-but there may be some urban branding and localized variants.
\"By continuing this love story in this series, Cartier has somehow maintained the spirit of Ciullo and the early 70 s Manhattan.
The Juste un Clou necklace, launched in next April, is a huge plate-shaped nail bracelet large enough to wrap around the neck.
This is definitely a sale-
Like the original, but as long as its birthplace is real, Cartier will never be accused of \"selling \".
The city may have experienced turmoil in its 70 s, but it turns out that it is also a rich creative force for one of Cartier\'s most famous designers.
May his legacy continue
The Cartier Love bracelet is currently available from the harrodsand inall boutique in January Cartier. co.
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