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by:Joacii     2020-03-25
Charm bracelet from Thomas SaboPhoto bywww. thomassabo.
When it comes to Christmas gifts that you know they will like, jewelry is as good as gold.
Local retailers say there are few gadgets this year that appeal to your lover\'s socks more than bracelets.
Charm has come back in recent years, and since its peak more than 50 years ago, soldiers have personalized bracelets for their wives and girlfriends during World War II.
Today, the big name of premium custom clothing-
Saint Laurent, Dior, Mark Jacobs and Alexander McQueen --
Their current collection is attractive.
When the next release of the Twilight series is released next year, the style may become more common.
In the third book of Stephanie Meyer\'s best-selling vampire legend, Eclipse, the heroine Bella Swan gets a bracelet with Jacob from the best friends and werewolf
Later, Bella\'s vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen added a diamond to the link.
Premier has two lines of charm bracelets: the Danish brand Pandora, launched in 1999, and recently added a specially designed \"Barbie worship\" series to its popular charm Club Thomas Sabo.
\"Pandora is extraordinary,\" said Laer Hance, president of the top jeweler at the South Gate center.
Initially, Hance was hesitant to add charm bracelets to his inventory.
\"We are very hard on this because we usually see higher --
\"The final product,\" he said.
But the risks he took earlier this year proved sensible.
\"This is great.
\"Hance believes that over the past two years there has been a lot of interest in charm bracelets from Europe to Canada.
\"Last year, this trend really started, and we saw it continue,\" he said . \"
He has seen the development of lines.
The leather bracelet is one of the latest discoveries he has seen in Canada.
The teenage girl gags for Twilight
Inspired charm bracelets sold online, jewelers see women of all ages join the charm club.
Sandy Gillis says older women who grew up wearing charm bracelets still like them.
But the owner of the Lyndale accent (9676 142nd St. )
There are also many teenagers. -
Even 10-year-old customers-
Wearing Pandora\'s bracelet she carried with her
The appeal of the charm bracelet, the jeweler said, is that the owner can add new charm to each milestone.
The end result is a trinket that tells the story of their lives.
\"Women like jewelry, which is another option,\" said Sheryl Asp, owner of Swish Flowers.
The boutique at the Terwillegar Gardens Mall has Thomas Saab and celebrity\'s favorite good Chama.
\"The reason that makes it all so huge and exciting is that they are customized for everyone.
\"Some women even buy multiple bracelets, each with a different meaning.
\"We have customers who actually have five, six and seven bracelets,\" said Karen Stukoski, sales assistant for comfort peaches at Lendrum center, which specializes in the Danish brand Trollbeads.
\"It\'s like addiction.
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