Chow sang sang diamond ring general how many money chow sang sang diamond ring price

by:Joacii     2020-08-07
Chow sang sang diamond ring is another important part of it up, choose what kind of metal to make a diamond ring, diamond ring price will change. Chow sang sang diamond ring generally spend how many money? Of course, if you choose the good chow sang sang diamond ring on the diamond, the diamond match up you are to be carefully chosen. Roses love of the most commonly used chow sang sang diamond ring up material has K gold, platinum. K gold is a mixture of gold and other metal alloy, with 'K' logo. 'K' the greater the number, the higher the purity, with 24 K gold jewellery. And making diamond ring with 18 k gold, diamonds will be strong, but if 18 k gold wear over time, toby is easier to wear. Is likely to change color; But 18 k gold price comparison. If it is chow sang sang the diamond ring, ring of 18 k gold is cheaper than platinum. Up of platinum is a rare natural white metal, its feature is the comparison of high purity and stability is better, the ductility of platinum is very good also, used to make jewelry is very good. Special inlaid diamonds, ensuring strong at the same time also can increase the absolute beauty of diamonds. Many advantages of platinum, natural made up of platinum also is very expensive.
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