cops nab snatch thief after botched attempt to steal gold necklace

by:Joacii     2020-03-09
Kuala Lumpur: here Jalan Masjid India, a thief was caught after not removing the gold necklace from the victim.
The victim was a man in his 30 s who smoked on the side of the road when the suspect rode a motorcycle and came from behind to try to grab his gold necklace around 11. Twenty o\'clock P. M. Friday (April 26).
However, the victim managed to turn at the last minute, causing his necklace to fall on the road.
Acting director Rudi Abdullah of Wangi OCPD expressed doubts about the dust, but the victim\'s brotherin-
The law pursued on foot and managed to seek help from the patrol.
\"During the hunt, the thief again tried to catch up with his original target but managed to hit the victim.
\"The impact of the collision caused the suspect to lose control of the motorcycle and let him spread on the side of the road,\" he said in contact . \".
He added that a team at Dang Wangi CID subsequently arrested the suspect in his 20 s.
\"The victim\'s legs, hands and head were injured and the suspect\'s legs, mouth and chin were also injured and bruised.
\"Preliminary investigations show that suspects have had drug-related criminal records in the past --
Crime and theft.
\"It is reported that the motorcycle used by the suspect is also missing,\" Supt Rudy said . \".
Police also seized two mobile phones, a Brown coach sling bag, three motorcycle keys, a pair of gloves, a weighing scale and a walkie talkie. A rope-
He added that blade also had a black bag with tools to steal a motorcycle.
\"The suspect will be sent back for further investigation,\" he said . \"
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