costume jewelry liberated at last

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Written by bernadine morrisoct.
1977 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
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Discreet gold chains and round pins have nothing to do with today\'s large number of free-form clothes.
Gloria Fiori, a jewelry buyer at bonvette Taylor, said clothing jewelry is usually \"quite boring recently \".
To correct this, the new series in the store here is as free as the clothes they should decorate.
At Bonwit Teller, Umberto Borbonese is woven in wool and silk in a striking color. Mr.
Bobonese, who works in Turin, Italy, likes to be able to tie around the neck as an ornament for a bib or necklace, and alternately wrap around the waist to accommodate a large number of folds of the skirt.
The most striking is a mask covered with plastic shapes in the shape of leaves centered on red stones.
A rather practical idea is a gold kid\'s bag decorated with gold coins, with pendants on black silk lines that look like bottles.
The advertising price is between $55 and $155, and for those who like to go further, the price of leather handbags is as high as $295.
Henry Bendel\'s ad, a corner of the main street of the store, was designed to reproduce the stores of Butler and Wilson, Fulham Road, London.
It features: silver and enamel pins and pendants.
\"It would be interesting to see how easy American women are to accept these things,\" Simon Wilson said . \" He helped build the point of Butler and Wilson.
And his partner, Nikki Butler.
Eight years ago, he began to revive Art Deco design at a booth in King Street, London.
Four years later, they moved to the current store on Fulham Road.
They still keep something old, like the crocodile purse that dates back to 1910, but the fine enamel jewelry was designed by themselves.
Butterflies, Feilong, and Lily have rolling tendrils that look more like a new art style than decoration, and are usually made up of two interlocking parts, so they can be used as belt buckles.
A lavender and blue butterfly, the silver body costs $120.
The silverware and her hounds are in the strict sense of 1920s.
Prices for tennis players, jazz musicians and dancers range from $40 to $84.
Apparently, the $100 colored glass petal necklace is as eye-catching as the Emerald, far from the simple gold chain.
A version of the file was printed on page 59 of the New York edition on October 11, 1977, with the title: clothing jewelry was finally liberated.
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