Costume necklace jewelry can outstand your looking

by:Joacii     2020-05-12
In case you are big breasted, you should go for costume necklaces up till 22'' in length. A costume necklace lengthier than this would not suit to the ladies with large breast. If you are skinny and flat chest then the best suited neck piece for you would be the long thin chains. Not only are these fashion designed but these complement the girls on a thinner side too. If you are a full figured lady then it is best to avoid the costume necklaces which lay within the breast line. Such costume necklaces would not suit their body type, no matter how beautiful the design is. Height if you are shorter than 5'4'' then princess length or collar length costume necklace would suit you best. Matinee and V-shaped necklaces can help you add illusionary length to your looking. Thus, making you look taller. Such costume necklaces are easily available in exquisite designs and makes. A height which falls between 5'4'' to 5'7'' is perfect to wear any length and style of costume necklaces. In case you are taller than 5'7'', then you can go for any and every kind of longer necklaces. As far as face cut is concerned then oval shaped face can carry all sorts of necklaces. Any length, any breadth, any design. This type of face cut is perfect for every kind of neck piece. Opera style designed necklace suit best to round faced girls. Lengthy choker necklaces look good on rectangular or oblong faced people. The costume jewelry design in earrings too comes in a vast variety to suit the taste and preferences of every individual wearer.
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