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by:Joacii     2020-03-14
Having a pair of crystal earrings is like having a amulet.
According to the divination and those who believe in the properties of crystal healing, earrings can have special strength and give you special protection, depending on the type of crystal you choose.
Quartz crystal earrings make more sense than most earrings.
A lot of people think that the interior of this material carries energy and it is used to help concentrate thoughts or inspire prayer.
Quartz crystals also strengthen the power of other stones.
If a stone is accompanied by a quartz crystal, it will heal many times.
When considering the meaning of the crystal in the crystal earrings, another very important element is the color.
Each color represents a different energy that can be critical in choosing the right earrings.
The red crystal strengthens the body and helps to increase confidence and vitality.
Wear red crystal earrings when you need to walk boldly enough into a room for Gazans that may not necessarily be in your corner.
They will wonder why you are not shaking with fear.
The yellow crystal earrings symbolize clarity, wisdom, happiness and happiness.
Yellow gems promote positive selfRespect and goodbeing.
For those of you who seem to be addicted to any negative aspect of your life, this can be a good choice.
Yellow fights this negative energy and changes the foreground to make the glass half full instead of half empty.
If you are somewhere in your life and you need to get some forgiveness for the old angry people to leave, pink crystal earrings will benefit you.
Many people use pink crystals to relax and remain calm.
This crystal connects you with the spirit of others, which is said to be the color of unconditional love.
When you want to bring the warmth and love of others into your life, or pass on your own warmth and love to others you meet, choose pink crystal.
Brown crystal earrings are the most powerful.
It represents order and the Earth.
Brown crystals stabilize you and allow you to be neutral in your own life.
You can put it in many parts of your home to protect you from harm.
Because Brown crystals often have a base color of many other colors, you should study your crystal, determine what the base color is, and use the crystal according to the base color.
Similarly, white crystal earrings are linked to all other colors.
The white crystal symbolizes purity and cleanliness, and the transformation.
Wear it when you want to mark a new beginning, clear the physical or emotional mess in your life, or remove the barrier.
White is a combination of all other colors, and white crystals can be used with other colors to express the meaning of these colors.
No matter which crystal earrings you decide are the best for you, know that your choice is always related to spiritual meaning.
In most cases, the crystal of your choice will protect or heal you and help you focus on all positive things.
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