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by:Joacii     2020-05-20
Your weekday work wardrobe can easily be updated with edgy suits and shirting options. Man style suits are on-trend. Look for tailored wide leg pants, fitted pencil skirts and jackets with detailing. Military buttons, embroidery and beading take jackets from the ordinary to the extraordinary. There is a lot of choice this winter with knee length coats, bat wing jackets and faux fur throws all helping you to make a statement when the temperature drops. Double-breasted styles in tweed and textured fabrics are definitely must-have items. On the shirt front, again look for quality tailoring and attention to detail. If you do nothing else this winter add three new shirts with matching cufflinks for ladies to your wardrobe. Why? A shirt gives you limitless options and always looks smart and sophisticated. It gives you a classic and professional silhouette that can easily be tailored with accessories or layering to suit your style and personality. Rich wine tones, deep emerald greens and sapphire blues are popular colours for shirting this year. Also fashionable are fun retro fabrics that inspire nostalgia and compliment colourful tweed suiting and coats perfectly. Look for shirts with interesting collars, contrasting cuffs and lace panelling. Make sure you choose shirts with button holes so that you can add beautiful cufflinks to finish off your look. If you choose to layer, opt for a knit that picks up and highlights a feature colour in your outfit and roll back the sleeve to showcase your statement cufflinks. Cufflinks for women are available in a wide variety of designs and colours so you can get a fashionable edge that suits you perfectly. This season, accessorising with metallic pieces is essential. Have fun mixing silver, pewter, bronze and gold to create an eclectic and opulent feel. Let your cufflink choices be inspired by your necklace or earrings or choose a colour to tone or contrast with the fabrics you're wearing. Of course, the fun doesn't stop here. Consider other essential accessories for the winter months. A soft pair of leather gloves in black, red or green will be a wise investment to protect your hands and keep you warm on the commute between work and home. Wear a scarf to keep cosy and add another dimension of colour and texture to your ensemble. Finally, your sunglasses... update your winter look with a cats-eye or vintage retro style. Frames with a contrasting lens will give you are particularly edgy look. So, as you can see, updating your winter work wear wardrobe will be easy this season. Add tailored shirts, matching cufflinks for women and a statement coat or jacket. Don't forget to have fun with jewellery, scarves and sunnies.
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