Culturing of pearls has been around for years

by:Joacii     2020-05-12
The difference between cultivating saltwater pearls and freshwater pearls is that instead of a bead nucleus, a tiny tissue mantle is inserted into the mussel to promote pearl growth. The qualities of a good freshwater pearl depend on luster and surface marks. To give pearls that much-needed shine, they are now tumble-polished in bamboo chips or sometimes using tree barks. The value of pearls would also depend on the surface marks. The lesser the blemishes and marks made through handling damage or growth, the higher the quality and price. It would also depend on the color of the pearl. White and cream are the most common colors but other rarer pearl colors include black, rose and turquoise tints. Freshwater pearls can be made into almost any type of the jewelry but the more common ones are: 1. Necklaces. Pearl necklaces are considered to be the elite in pearl jewelry when it comes to elegance and class. Women of substance, from first ladies to the world monarchs always have the definitive pearl necklace to grace their lovely necks. Beautiful spherical pearls are used mostly for the necklaces and chokers. They can be very expensive and the world best jewelers use their trained eyes to spot pearls with almost the same size and shape that will comprise one necklace. However, the rise of cultured pearls has made pearls more accessible to the masses. Freshwater pearls are now used for pearl necklaces. The best thing about them is their price. High-quality cultured freshwater pearls are reasonably-priced and could therefore be used for long pearl strands favored by the younger set. However, they have also been used for classic pearl chokers and unique pendants. Pearl necklaces are great ways to wear this classic piece. It can be paired with almost anything and can be worn in all styles and in any occasion. 2. Bracelets. Freshwater pearls are also eye-catching when made into bracelets. Simple single pearl strand ones or thick pearl strand can make any outfit pop. Some designers even incorporate the nacre lining of mollusk or mussel shells into beautiful bracelets. They are mostly made into inlaid work, alternating another material (silver, gold and even wood) with the nacre lining. Pearls are then made into accentuating pieces in the bracelets. Stylists suggest using pearl bracelets in lieu of necklaces or even pairing them with earrings. 3. Rings and Earrings. Pearls rings and earrings gives that certain luster any woman want in their jewelry. Simple pearl earrings or a pearl-studded ring can give a woman a polished look that cannot otherwise be achieved with gold or silver. The simple purity of white or cream-colored pearl studs creates a sense of youthful innocence and grace. Be sure to pick one up on your next shopping trip.
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