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C. R.
Bhadrinaath zoomed in a picture of the Golden haaram on his phone.
The work has a breeze-brushed design, but there is a silk of white and golden South China Sea pearls, as well as a ruby with a short and fat Peacock as a pendant.
\"When we speak, the brideto-
\"At Rameshwaram, when she saw this, the antique bridal jewelry she planned, she was also enjoying her special moments,\" he said . \".
We were at the awards ceremony at Bhadrinaath.
Muhurtha jewelry Palace is an award-winning jewelry store located in Mahalingapuram, poach.
He showed another work of exquisite craftsmanship. a pair of hand-
Bracelets made of pearls and coral.
\"My wife is staring at it.
But one of our customers came here to buy a pair of earrings and he liked the design of the bracelet and booked it, \"he laughs. His wife B.
When she said how the new design took off the shelves, vishwadeya was smiling.
\"Whether it\'s a bracelet, pendant or chain, any new design we bring will be on sale soon.
Our customers trust us.
Both look different.
Every piece is handmade.
Picking, \"she said. Pan-
The couple traveled around India to bring back unique works from Mumbai, Ahmed Bard, Jaipur, Bengaluru and korkata.
While Bhadrinaath is the third generation entrepreneur in his family\'s jewelry industry, his wife has a master\'s degree in international business.
Bhadrinaath himself worked as a business analyst in the software industry in the United States. S.
\"It gives me a lot of industry exposure.
When I decided to devote myself to our jewelry industry, I learned that the industry has reached saturation.
There are thousands of options and so many manufacturers, \"he said.
Here comes the opportunity to provide the pocket part-friendly light-
Weight jewelry.
\"Our focus is on variety and quality.
From the 1000 chain design, we may choose between 15 and 50 new modern designs.
We add new suppliers and products every month.
We pay close attention to emerging trends.
Our pricing is transparent because we want to be responsible for every rupee customers spend on jewelry. \"He said.
They have a private lounge in the store for bridal jewelry.
There are some of their best works on display.
It\'s like haaram\'s antique style with Golden South China Sea pearls and hand string together
Artificial pendant to reproduce the Vrindavan concept.
Geometric Design of modern touch, light-
The weight designer neck piece with Swarovski adds a sense of bling.
A beautifully designed bracelet with rhodium cut work, rose gold leaf work and design.
\"We got this from Mumbai.
\"The bracelets in the geometric design and party costume collection are from Mumbai, while the ones in the gold design are simpler from Kolkatta,\" Bhadri said . \".
\"Most brides prefer antique jewelry because it gives them a sense of royalty, but at the same time they want it to be light.
Muhurtha offers many options that are light in weight and cheap in price.
Their chain is only as heavy as two gms.
These are imported from Italy, mainly made of rhodium and rose gold.
For delicate pendants, you can also use only silk as a tie.
There are four wrist bands made of universal gold, as well as Italian Cada for gentlemen.
Driven by customers, the couple is proud that they never repeat the design.
They are often customized for customers and they say customers are their main motivation.
\"People in the South, for example, don\'t really like big, bulky earrings.
Since kundan has no resale value, we also try to minimize the use here.
Our customers bring a lot of positive factors to our business.
They value the time we put into bringing them the best collection. .
He showed me a handmade Ganesha necklace with Swarovski crystal.
\"The original design was larger with ruby and emerald.
We improvise in design, reducing costs.
Similarly, we took inspiration from an antique nakshi work with Burmese rubies and processed it to reduce the use of gold by a few grams.
Obviously, the cost has fallen.
Sometimes they combine elements to create a work.
Like the kasumaala set.
\"We purchased kasumaala from Coimbatore, an antique uncut diamond pendant from Hyderabad, and a ruby chain from Bengaluru, and integrated it
Our customers are very excited.
At other times, Bhadri convinced their customers to try something new.
A client wanted an emerald chain with an emerald pendant, but he persuaded her to use some rubies and Swarovski in the work, and she was happy with the results.
Industrialists like Karthi and Vaiyapuri shop in their stores.
\"Tourists from Kerala will also come here when visiting toplip and Valparai.
We wanted to cater to customers within a 100 km radius when we started, but now we have gone to Bengaluru, Chennai, Erode, and even Rameshwaram.
Bhadri reveals how they connect with the bride, distance is not an obstacle --to-
Via Skype or Whatsapp.
\"One of our clients is now working in New Zealand.
She is looking for the perfect jewelry for her muhurtam and reception.
We are working hard.
Before they started designing for the bride, Bhadri said, they considered the color of her wedding dress, her preference for Stone, color, etc.
But most importantly, he said, \"We want to know the people we design.
Before I design for the client, I always want to have an organic connection with her.
Muhurtha jewelry Palace won the store of the year award for jewellers, a retailer in Tamil Nadu (under 5,000 sq. ft. )
This is the top four of the South India jewelry Palace\'s best single store national jewelry awards of the year, which is open all day from ten o\'clock A. M. to eight o\'clock P. M. Call: 98946-91946 or e-mail bhadri. cr@gmail.
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