Diamond brand list

by:Joacii     2020-08-28
Diamond brand list? Diamond only so-called royal family can enjoy before, but now the diamond has almost entered the ordinary people, also become one of the essential pledge of the wedding, can be seen from the 'to' no drill never diamond for the couple's important, so do you want to know how about diamond brand list? Let the author tell you the answer! Love guardian 16 points diamond ring for details click on the image or name diamond brand list as follows: 1, Cartier Cartier ( In 1847 France, richemont group, the world's top jewelry brands, leading brand jewelry/clocks and watches, richemont commercial co. , LTD. ) 2, kimberly Kimderlite ( Diamond design/distribution and retail in one company, one of the largest diamond distributors in China, Shanghai kimberley diamond co. , LTD. ) 3, DE beers ( The world's largest/'s oldest diamond supplier, the world's leading diamond company DE beers ( 戴比尔斯) Group) 4、ENZO( Began in Hong Kong in 1987, set design/grinding/cutting diamond sales for the integration of professional production enterprises, Lawrence international co. , LTD. ) 5, trust ( China's jewelry industry leader, all-round super large international professional diamond group, Hiersun ( Trust) Diamond) 6, chow tai fook ( Well-known trademarks in China, China's most famous and one of the largest jewelry brand, chow tai fook jewelry &gold company co. , LTD. ) 7, tse sui-luen TSL ( In 1971, Asia's largest jewelry retailer and manufacturer, one of the tse sui-luen jewelry ( International) Co. , LTD. ) 8, diamond Diamend ( China's well-known trademarks, ethnic jewelry brand, is committed to diamond design/cutting/sales enterprises, jun jewelry co. , LTD. ) Tiffany Tiffany (9, In 1873, the world brand 500 strong, well known for its diamonds and silver products, famous brand jewelry, Tiffany& Co. ) 10, week ( Chinese well-known trademark, China top brand product, China's jewelry industry well-known brands, the Hong Kong week jewelry co. , LTD. ) Diamond brand list the author is a temporary solution to here, buy diamond welcome everybody to choose, the national scale with the former three diamond factory, industry veteran new product development ability is strong, each follows the international fashion custom time is short, capital turnover faster the national unified storefront batch purchasing, cost savings! Diamond jewelry network first, daily flow of more than 10000 UV national Internet clients with perfect docking ground shop 100000 item with the Shared, unified sales line choice, all stores offline service, the user experience more thoughtful!
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