Diamond how true and false identification based on the understanding of the basic knowledge to identify diamonds

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
Diamond material is hard, but under the interference of human are some imitation or fake diamond to disturb the jewelry market, if you don't want to buy a diamond is a fake, so you'd better pay attention to some of the diamond of true and false identification method. The feeling of love if you want to know how to identify true and false diamonds, first of all should know what is a diamond, diamonds are crystals of pure carbon mineral, it is carbon and graphite coessential form, diamond is octahedron, more cube is very rare. Most of the original diamond appearance there is water, the characteristics of the chemical properties is very stable. Corrosion resistance, as well as resistance to high temperature of material is hard. Diamond is the world's highest hardness minerals, it can be divided into the transparent body, the color of the diamond half white body and three kinds of opacities. If we know that the diamonds of the basic knowledge, when buying a diamond ring for how to identify the true and false diamonds? What are the criteria to identify true and false diamonds? What is the method of identification of diamond? In fact all of all these is very simple, identification of diamond as long as master the diamond color, clarity and process these three aspects to identify. First we to say the color of the diamond. Generally speaking, the diamond is given priority to with colorless transparent, pure and transparent diamond is the best. Diamond is usually colored, such as in the colorless transparent pure blue, with a light that blue is a very good color elements, has been called the 'water heat color'. And it is often said that blue fire drill. Our country's diamond colorless, weak yellow, shallow brown as the main, there will be some green, gray, orange, etc and it will be mixed with green spots. Therefore, we can from diamond raw material to processing integrated to judge the merits of the diamond and true and false, the color of the diamond jewelry more white more transparent, the better, of course, do a diamond ring, diamond bracelet is preferred, such as diamond crystal is transparent and pure, best craft is the new work rules. If the color yellow or dark brown, diamond crystals too many impurities, work is old and not rules for the worst. Identify true and false diamonds, a very simple method is to put the diamond in his own hand if it is a real diamond is invisible hand, like a diamond, and man-made diamond, Ceylon drill and so on are fake diamonds on hand to see his hand lines. Reading the diamond brand South African diamond studs
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