Diamond necklace maintain the method of general cleaning diamond necklace

by:Joacii     2020-08-14
Diamond necklace is every woman is very like to wear diamond jewelry, may be a lot of people like to wear, but not too much to maintain a diamond necklace, most people do not know how to maintain their own diamond necklace or diamond pendant, etc. , leading to a diamond necklace is easy to change the color or feel old, lost the original go with luster, a diamond necklace the oily be soiled, adsorption and surface stains easily, so that the diamond fire temporarily lose their original luster and color effect. As long as a good maintenance and care of diamond necklace, then its brilliance will remain permanently. Love at first sight when you pick the diamond necklace, be sure to put it on their own separate jewelry boxes, and only this way can make the diamond necklace is not affected by the magnetic field. In fact, the diamond necklace method of cleaning and maintenance is also very important, the method also is very simple, just choose a soft cotton cloth, with relatively low chemical detergent, gently wipe the surface first, then wash clean with clear water. Diamond necklace of general cleaning method has: cleaning fluid cleaning method, with a small bowl or cup to put some warm water first, adding suitable amount of neutral detergent in the water. The diamond necklace soaking in the water, scrub gently with the toothbrush after a few times, then use a mesh pocket live diamond necklace, under the faucet and then rinse with warm water, finally dry with a soft cloth. Very simple method. Cold water clean the diamond necklace method; With a small bowl or cup, put proper amount of water and household ammonia water mixing, the diamond necklace is immersed in water for about 30 minutes, and then with a small brush, before and after the diamond necklace around and wiped gently scrub, and rinse off in the water wave, take it out to dry with paper towel. Develop reading platinum necklace bracelet with platinum
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