Diamond purchase what skills diamond purchase method have

by:Joacii     2020-08-21
Diamond buying what skills? Diamond is a favorite of all women, men also often become so used to the pursuit of the girl first, but the diamond buying isn't easy, is to buy beautiful diamonds, and not too expensive, must be in their own affordable, this is definitely a problem in a lot of diamond buyers, so buy on diamond what skills? Eternal classic first, diamonds are expensive luxury, so before buying the author suggest to our strengths, not strong, there is no economic basis of friend can pick a little low quality diamonds, but don't over their affordable price bottom line, diamond buying what skills? Fit is good, also can't because want to send a person into all his own 'bread'! Knowledge is to know some diamonds, want to buy diamond, will be first to know about it and can't confined to the TV that a shimmering lens, can not all diamonds shine, also not all diamonds can shine, things are not we see, the technique of diamond buying is important thing is to understand the knowledge of the diamond, diamond what knowledge we need to know? The most common or diamond 4 c ( The color, clarity, weight, cut) , 4 c determines the quality of the diamond and diamond prices, budget is not a very good friend, can choose low color, clarity and cut diamond, the diamond is better! The last is to know to shop around, run around, ramble more, do more, and see what prices are more affordable, can't take a fancy to a diamond is in a hurry to buy diamond! Diamond buying techniques the author will analysis it for you here, more skills about diamond buying welcome land net of jewelry, also can consult our customer service directly to understand! Develop reading: wedding ring which brand is good boy diamond stud earrings South African diamond pt950 price brand
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