Diamonds are the hardest gem you can find, they

by:Joacii     2020-05-18
To clean your precious diamond jewelry, you can use a combination of jewelry cleanser and warm water. There is also another home remedy you can conjure up, which is supposed to be effective as well as safe. I have my concerns about this one, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion. The mixture is six parts water and one part ammonia, then put your diamond in the solution for about 15 minutes. Some people leave their jewelry in this mixture over night and claim it to be 'The Sparkling Diamond Potion'. After that, you can brush the metals with a soft bristle brush, but not the diamond, it may disrupt the setting, just as putting them in an ultrasonic cleaner can do. The best thing you can do to clean your fine jewelry is to take is to a professional, a couple times of year for a really thorough cleaning. Its not a bad idea to have it all inspected as well, while you are there, to make sure all the mountings and prongs are still secure. Store your fine jewelry in a cloth pouch, when you are not wearing it, so it doesn't contact other jewelry. You may just place them in your jewelry box to keep dust off of them too, and keep them from getting lost, as well. You may purchase a special liquid at the department store for cleaning jewelry. Please! Please! Read the directions on how to use the product, and the precautions, this is crucial information printed on the bottle for your benefit. You may also try soaking your diamond jewelry in a bowl with some dish washing liquid. After soaking, brush with a soft brush, put back in the water to give a final soak, if any particles remain, you can use a toothpick to remove them. Rinse, and remove and dry with a soft cloth. If near the sink, make sure the drain is covered in protection not to drop it down the drain. Also, for future reference, use gloves when cleaning or cooking, to prevent the problem at hand, literally. There is a disagreeing as to whether or not you should use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your jewelry. I guess you will have to be on your own discretion when it comes to this decision. I previously worked in an eyeglass industry, where we used one to clean eyeglasses, and we always put our jewelry in there. No one ever had any problem, but its a personal preference you must decide for yourself. When you clean your diamonds at home, it is recommended that you do not touch the diamond with your fingers, your skin has natural oils on it, that can cause a negative affect on your diamond. Also the oils in our skin can cause a grime that will ruin the luster of the diamond. If you love the color of your diamond and the color of the stones setting, be very cautious of the household chemicals you expose your jewelry to. It will definitely affect the color, it will change it, something so simple as household bleach will change the color, so very cautious when cleaning, or just remove your jewelry. Receiving a diamond engagement ring, is something you will never forget, if you ever receive one, its a very special time in a ladies life, it shows love and a promise of happiness, forever. When you receive this ring, it will probably leave you speechless, and it should. Then the big day will come and you will receive a wedding ring to go with it. The most powerful symbol known to man and woman. A never-ending circle, which signifies a love that never ends, and a bond that cannot be broken. A metal of strength, symbolizing the strength of a marriage. After you have children, if you are fortunate enough to have a daughter, you can pass them down to her. Rings take such a beating, when worn all the time, we use cleaning products, haircare products and lotion. After a while, rings can become very dull, and ugly, there may even be funk and grime or even gross stuff in the crevices, some of which may cause bacteria if not taken care of, its also very unappealing. Gems are mined from deep in the earth, they are processed and cut by a gemologist. Much care should be taken when dealing with fine gemstone jewelry. Use a dry cloth to clean your stone if it starts to look dirty or dingy. You may clean your gem the same as your diamond, in a little warm water and detergent, and a soft brush, rinse and dry with a nice soft cloth. Your precious gemstones are not as tough as some of the other stones, so more care must be taken with them, and cleaning them. It is actually recommended to take these to a professional jeweler, chemicals of any kind are not recommended for gems. They also scratch easy, and chip easier. It is recommended to only wear your gemstone jewelry on special occasions because they are more fragile. When dealing with the jewelry you love, it is in your best interest to take it to an expert jeweler, and let them take care of all your needs. They can do all the cleaning for you, and take care of any other needs you may have. A jeweler does anything you could possible think of. Jewelers can replace a watch battery, they also repair watches, the glass and the working timepiece. They do refurbishing, which helps you recapture what your jewelry meant to you when you first got it. They also do clasp replacement, bracelet repair, and necklace repair, and lets not forget my favorite: earrings. I actually have several pair I need to get to the jewelry store and have repaired, or put them in my broken collection pile, ready to make my next amazing custom ring, this is one of my favorite things at the jewelry store. They will repair prongs on a ring setting, so you don't lose your precious stones, they can also replace a lost stone, they also do ring sizing, when you've out-grown it, or it outgrew you, they can fix it. They will take proper measurements, so they know the exact size it needs to be made, before ever doing anything. Another thing an expert jeweler can do is make a custom-designed piece of jewelry. They will take all your old gold or silver, and melt it down, let you know if you have enough, if not, then you will have to pay the difference to get enough material to make your custom piece of jewelry. It is usually a very unique ring they can make you. They show you several wax molds they have pre made, and you chose a design you like, and a week or two later, you come back, and you have a beautiful piece of jewelry. I had this done with some old necklaces, one of which was my new husbands, that an ex-girlfriend gave him( I had his permission), and I got this beautiful one of a kind ring, it was absolutely gorgeous! Everywhere I go, people always compliment on how pretty it is. These jewelers also can restring a set of your favorite pearls. When you wear them often, the string/cord get brittle, and they tend to break, or start to fray. If you catch it in time, you won't lose any of your pearls. While they have any of your jewelry, they will also check the clasps for weakened parts, and replace them as well, if needed. Protecting your jewelry might be harder than keeping it clean. Ideally, and sadly, the best way to keep your jewelry safe is to keep it at home locked up in a safe, but whats the fun in that? If you can't wear it, and enjoy it and show it off? At the same time, I would hate to be wearing an expensive piece of jewelry and have it snatched off my neck, or a real crazy, see a big rock on my finger and cut my finger off. I guess just be very cautious where you go with your fancy jewelry on, and try not to go alone if you can help it. A jeweler can design or get pretty much anything you are looking for. For example, if you love dolphins, the jeweler can design or get you earrings, rings, pendants, or probably even a broach. The jeweler is my best friend, if I want Gator earrings to wear to the game, he can hook me up. They can be a fine elaborate piece, or something very simple and fun. Ask your jeweler, he can get it!
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