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by:Joacii     2020-05-19
So what does this tells you? Earrings are not made for women only. This also means that making stylized earring could be a good side business for those into jewelries making. This doesn't mean that only jewelries craftsman can make those earrings. Anybody with the sense of style and a creative mind can choose to make those earrings. So if you are interested, start to learn how to make earrings. There are bunch of online tutorials available and you just grab one that focuses on earring making. And you might find yourself making other types of really cool earrings apart from the one decorating Justin Bieber ears. There are many types of earrings. You might love the standard screw piercing but you might want to try the hook and clip on type. The hook types are much more easy to use and you can pick some good crystals to make a dangling earring. Dangles are pretty much perfect for classy ladies wearing elegant dresses. You could see these types of earrings worn by many celebrities on the red carpet. One of the famous earrings is called teardrop earrings which are traditionally made from clear crystal. Though, nowadays you could spot a few versions that are made from other precious stones like diamonds or jade. Clip on earrings are another story. Some dislike this because the clips are too hard. But you can easily source good quality clips that are comfortable to wear. Add some fake flowers to create a hippie look or some tiny colorful beads to make it artistic. Or you can follow Justin style by picking a tiny rounded plate and stick some less expensive clear crystals. Some of these clear crystals can sparkle like diamonds and they really look good too. If have no idea what types of earring you should make, you can always check what the celebrities are wearing and learn how to make a similar versions. You don't have to follow them exactly. By the time your creative mind start working, several ideas will popped out.
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