Do I need to pay for the proofing fee if I find a jewelry factory to re-proof?

by:Joacii     2021-03-18
A customer asked the author, he had found a jewelry factory for proofing before, and the proofing fee had already been paid. But the sample received did not achieve the effect that I wanted, so I need to re-proof, I don’t know if I still need to pay the sample fee. Today, the author will have a brief chat with everyone. Due to various reasons, the effect of the sample is usually not ideal, so it is often necessary to re-proof, and re-proofing will definitely incur costs. The bearer of this fee generally has two forms. 1. If the sample size, shape, electroplating color, polishing effect, etc. are different from the original design, the jewelry factory is responsible. 2. After the sample comes out, the customer always feels that it is not perfect and needs to modify the design. Then the responsibility lies with the customer, and the customer needs to repay the proofing fee to the manufacturer. This is the responsible party responsible for the analysis sample re-proofing fee from two perspectives. However, some jewelry factories will re-proof samples for customers 2-3 times for free. If the author factory is like this. Xiamen Co., Ltd. will charge a sample fee and mold opening fee before the customer needs to place an order for proofing. Proofing fee is generally 300-500 yuan per paragraph. The mold opening fee is a bit more expensive, you can contact the author for details. The proofing time is generally 5-12 days, and 1-2 samples will be provided to customers after proofing. If the customer feels that the sample needs to be slightly modified, then we will provide the customer with 2-3 times of free modification and re-proofing times. Exceeding this number of times requires the customer to repay the proofing fee. For more relevant news and information, please pay attention to the website, or consult online (telephone) about jewelry OEM production. Xiamen Co., Ltd. can provide ODM for similar samples/new models/revisions. OEM customers can accept custom processing with patterns. Next: How to find a reliable jewelry production factory? How to prevent being cheated? Previous post: What kind of necklace is suitable for your neck? -Necklace foundry
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