Do you know the meaning of a proposal ring?

by:Joacii     2021-03-04
Do you know the meaning of a proposal ring? -Accessories The proposal ring is the key to the marriage, and it is of extraordinary significance. There is a habit in China. Before the woman accepts the man’s proposal, this ring is called the proposal ring. Once the woman agrees to the man’s proposal, then this ring becomes the engagement ring between them, so the proposal ring and the engagement ring are actually the same. . The way to wear a marriage proposal diamond ring is the same at home and abroad. It is generally worn on the left ring finger, because the ring is worn on the left ring finger, just like the outside world indicates that they are engaged or married, and other men have no chance. The seventh world loves the three lives, all of them are the love in the heart, gently touching the dusk from day to night, every bit is the fate in the dream. This is people's sincere compliment to Pearl. Generally speaking, the coverage of a pearl ring is larger, which is different from a diamond ring. If you are in a wedding, as a white wedding dress, choose a beautiful white pearl necklace and a big white pearl ring, it is the most suitable. Pearl means the happiness of marriage and cherish the whole life, while white means The wedding is pure and long-lasting and grows old. Many people will inevitably encounter some problems when buying a ring, such as: how to measure the ring size? Which ring size is the standard? Why are there so many versions of international, Hong Kong, and mainland ring size comparison tables? Even in the same region, there will be more or less discrepancies in the ring size comparison tables. When searching for relevant information on the Internet, you will find that the size comparison table published by each ring brand will be different. The author of this chapter will share with you the meaning of the proposal ring. The author of the next chapter will share with you the measurement method of the ring. If you want to choose a unique and private ring for your partner, you are welcome to visit the jewelry factory:
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