Does your jewelry armoire contain the latest trends

by:Joacii     2020-05-18
A variety of different styles will reflect upcoming jewelry trends in the next several months and those that are in the know will make sure that they already have these critical pieces of jewelry to compliment their wardrobes during the coming months. Oversized Necklaces One item that will certainly be popular is the oversized necklace. In stark comparison to the delicate necklaces that have been popular for many months, chunky necklaces are now making a come back. There will be a variety of necklaces styles that will be showing up on the covers of fashion magazines this spring, including bib styled necklaces, triple-strand link necklaces and chunky river necklaces. All of these styles are comprised of precious metals as well as precious gemstones, including diamonds. The Riviere necklace, which is designed to look like a river, will typically be set with colored gemstones as well as diamonds. Chunky Bracelets To compliment the chunky necklace styles, chunky bracelets will also be popular this spring. These bracelets will feature styles that are big and bold. Cuffed bracelets are bejeweled with diamonds and other precious stones. Rose-cut diamonds, in particular, will be popular in chunky bracelets this fall. Another popular choice will be black gemstones, especially black diamonds, combined with high karat gold. Big and Bold Earrings When it comes to earrings big will also be in style as well. Large hoop earrings will be especially popular this fall and spring. Pave diamond hoop earrings will provide the bling that many women are looking for during the holidays. In addition, many other earring styles will be set with diamonds that are big, bold and bright. Some of the most popular colors for diamond set earrings this spring include black as well as champagne, brown and cognac. Rings of Bling Of course, everyone will also want to deck out their fingers with spring bling as well. Cocktail rings set with plenty of gemstones will be the ultimate fashion accessory this spring. In particular, cocktail rings set with large gemstones will be considered to be the height of fashion in the coming months. These rings will be somewhat similar to the Mod rings which were so popular during the 60s, with the exception of a modern twist. Combinations of Gemstones In terms of gemstones, diamonds are not the only item that will be stealing the show this spring. Pearls and pearl and diamond combinations are going to be very popular this year as well. While in the past pearls have been recognized as a demure jewelry design that is not the case this year, as big and bold takes center stage. Ropes of pearls hanging all the way down to the waist and set with diamond encrusted clasps will be the standard of the day this season. The best way to wear such bold looks is to limit the use of other accessories, fashion experts point out. After all, there is no point in going too far overboard. If you're looking for something even bolder, be sure to consider colored pearls, such as black pearls. Hot Metals Metal is also making a come back this season. Multiple strands of metal chains are expected to be the height of fashion all the way into the spring of 2009. Many of these necklaces will incorporate beads as well as charms to create a look that is somewhat eclectic. Even chains comprised of multiple metals will be in style, ranging from copper to silver and everything in between. How to Wear it One of the great features about the jewelry designs that will be in fashion throughout fall and spring and even into spring is that they will all work equally well with casual wear as well as with evening looks. This makes it possible to easily dress up or dress down, depending on the ensemble that is paired with jewelry selections. Layering is a technique that will also prove to be popular this season. This technique works particularly well with the metal chains that will be so popular this fall. For ladies who do not like to put a lot of forethought into creating ensembles, this technique will be a welcome relief. Tossing on a few different chains, without even having to bother to look and make sure they are of the same metal, will produce a look that is distinctly eclectic as well as stylish this year. If you're buying jewelry for someone special this year, the good news is that you will have plenty of options from which to choose. From colored diamonds to a variety of metals, you will be sure to find something that the special person in your life will appreciate.
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