Ear Stretchers are very urban and chic way of piercings

by:Joacii     2020-05-20
Tiny cowboy boots design earrings are not for everyone as it needs very strong personality and attitude to carry them. As cowboys are famous for their raw and smart attitude these boot earrings also demands a very smart attitude, silver makes the earring very prominent and shiny. Ladybugs earrings are very apt for the ladies always on the run. As they are absolute no drama earrings and very smart and at the same time it's quite feminine too. Ladies ranging from the age of 14 to 30 can wear them with elan. They are very stylish and chic. Silver Frog rings are always in fashion, they are more used in Tribal Piercings is it traditional or chic, silver danglers go with all kinds of attires. Stone studded or gems engraved earrings are more attractive than solid metal earrings. The full body frog look makes the earring look very graceful. The penguin engraved French wired earring is very stunning. This design is basically very famous in US region in Stretcher Piercings. The French wiring work done makes the earrings more prominent and catchy. The horse like design is also a great choice for animal lovers. The beautiful horse design earring is a great choice. The silver color contrasts with the pony background and French wiring. The pony design looks classy with every kind of attire, be it ethnic or urban. Alligator earrings are also great for ear stretch piercings. These are also traditional in many countries. They look very classy and elegant with ethnic dresses. The alligator work is very unique and makes the piece look more attractive it gives the earring a tribal look which is very appealing. It can easily be worn with ethnic as well as modern clothes. Apart from metal earrings plastic earrings also look very young and trendy. They are very colorful and vibrant and hence give a very youthful look. Piercings makes you stand out of the crowd. The most important thing about ear piercings is the attitude more than any accessory.
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