elderly cambridge man robbed of gold necklace in distraction theft

by:Joacii     2020-03-03
Police investigators in the Waterloo area are looking for witnesses to help determine the suspect who cheated a Cambridge old man from a gold necklace on Wednesday afternoon. June 21)
In a plan to steal
Suspect close to 80-year-
At about 2: 30, the old man is near a park near Carpenter Road and Bailey Avenue in galte. m.
Ask in Spanish for directions to the hospital.
During the conversation, the suspect placed a fake gold necklace on the man\'s neck, but instead of removing the fake necklace, the man stole the old man\'s real gold necklace.
The unidentified man also took the gold bracelet of the senior.
The suspect is described as Brown.
A man in his 40 s with black hair.
He is in average height and figure, wearing blue jeans and a colored shirt.
His car is an old-fashioned, black, four. door sedan.
In the Cambridge area, the apparently distracting theft program is a growing trend. A 65-year-
The old woman of Cambridge was in a similar robbery.
Theft at the beginning of June
Anyone with information is required to call 519 to call the police-653-
7700 or 1-800-222-8477.
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